Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Blogadda and Quikr Free Shopping Feista !

Blogadda and Quikr gave me the exciting opportunity to shop at Quikr.I can shop for Rs 5000/- which will be reimbursed later ,so isn’t it fun ?

Wasting no time, I pounced on the Quikr website. I already had in my mind what I need to shop ,indeed there were many categories and options such as mobiles,tablet,cars,bikes,electronic appliances,books,bed sheets,watches,sunglasses.I was not knowing they offer options such as services,entertainment,matrimonial,jobs and pets too. That was an new information to me.

First thing I did on Quikr search was quick change of location. I changed it to Mumbai, so that my search is limited to my city and hopefully I need not wander anywhere else. You can minimize your search by using filters such as price range, nearest area, used/new, ads posted in how many days. I filtered my search according to the price range and nearest area.However there was product delivery facility too.

From many days, I wanted to buy Rayban shades, so I thought to look for Rayban shades on Quikr.But that was not my ultimate shopping option on Quikr as i wanted to buy watch for my husband's birthday.

My mom said that she is interested in buying old tables which are not so used and I had quick glance on the tables and furnitures,but I guess mom is the best decision maker for these stuffs .Also I had an idea to sell old furniture’s here on Quikr .

Now comes my favorite part, I was looking for watches, basically unused watches at lower rates  .I got many results according to my filter and I saved many to my favorites. I was amazed to see the unused or less used  watches of Gucci, Michael kors, guess, tissot, rado, timex,Police, tommy Hilfiger in good  condition and at reasonable rates.

I called up on one of the numbers, a lady picked up the call. I started enquiring about the product I have seen.Since there was no product no for the watch; I started describing the watch with the brand .But I was surprised to hear the cost more than the cost displayed on website. I asked her to verify the price.She said, "it could be a mistake ,since she had many listings of watch of same brand but different design models".She asked me whatsapp the image of this watch and she will reply me back .I messaged her the image of the watch.She replied the amount higher than one which was on the website .She said it does not includes courier charges and she was not from Mumbai .But I did changed my location to Mumbai .I was not in the mood for hassles .So I tried another number .

For other search, the phone number was not reachable, so I did reply to this ad. Reply to this Ad includes the ad title and description ,I did not include my mobile number as I did not find it secure enough to put my mobile numbers in any of the social Internet sites .However I was not notified on my email. So I was unable to trace whether the message was sent or not. But the message on the screen said that it was successfully sent.

I called up another number of Police watch,favorite brand of my husband .Since the location was nearest and I thought it would be reliable enough for me .This guy was humble and honest ,he honestly said that the watch is brand new and unused ,it was gifted by his client for diwali,but he doesn't wear stainless steel watches.I said okay ,first I will look at it and then buy the watch.We met at Powai location on mutual consent,As a natural girl,I bargained .But he said the original price of the watch is Rs.9999/- and he is selling at much affordable rate.I was in love with the watch ,as I was gifting the watch to my husband on his birthday.And the watch was brand new with good packing and box,this guy also provided me the lifestyle bill receipt.I gave him cash amount of Rs 7999/- and bought the watch home .

I had also created a free alert so that I can buy some more watches, you can create free alert by adding your details such as category details, location details, and email address. So that whenever such products are available, you will get a alert .

Jao on Quikr
Chodo sab fikr

Jo nahi kaamka
Usse beech dalo

Jo hai kharidna
Usse dekh daalo

Kharido tum table
Kharido tum car

Jao dekho quikr
Chodo sab fikr

Watches milegi
Fishes milegi

Tumko yaha par
Plate aur dishes milegi

Tum ho mumbai main
yaa ho tum Chennai

Koi nahi fikr
Becho aur kharido on Quikr

Mobile exchange karo
Acha rate pao

Jaldi se jao
Jao on Quikr

Gooood about Quikr
1. Search according to location
2. Good filtering options
3. Variety of services options
4. I love the idea of mobile exchange
5. Great idea of selling and buying
6. Free sms feature

Badd about Quikr
1. Since the seller is unknown, at times it is not so reliable. You have to enquire and then buy the things you want to.
2. This could be the problem of any online shopping website, till the item is delivered to you in hands, you are still estranged with the item; I mean how it actually looked.
3. I wished for gender option in lifestyle section
4. There are no offers in Quikr
5. There are no discounts for any products.
6. Product no could be helpful for the users.
7. Images should be mandatory, as only description could not help the user imagine the product. I can’t imagine the watch with gold color and diamonds. Or I can’t imagine the painting worth Rs 25,000.

After purchasing the item from Quikr .I gifted it to my husband .

It was great shopping at Quikr and many thanks to blog adda.But do remember Quikr is acting as a mediator between buyer and seller. You can bargain and you can check the products you are buying and you will be responsible for what you buy at Quikr.Its my personal experience at Quikr.

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Lying on the roads

Lying on the roads
Blood everywhere
People went by but did not care
He was waiting for his death to come

Dying every second
Pain was unbearable
Pain of being human where humans don’t care
Lying on the roads

Thinking of my family
He wished he could reach his mobile
For his last call
But there was blood everywhere
Calling for help every time

He was waiting for his death to come
Pleading and crying for help
Water was his last wish and nothing else

Bus went by
Car went by
Nobody came for help
Looking at the sky

I saw two angels
They carried me to their car
And I was no where.
Found myself in hospital
I was alive
But then I cried I was with humans again
Humans who did not bother my identity
Humans who did not help
But I am blessed we have some angels on earth still alive.

Please be somebody’s angel whenever and however you can.We are humans and we are incomplete without each other.Helping somebody will never make you rich in money and but will always make you rich in your self esteem.Help world to be better place to live in.

Happy helping !

Sleeping on the roads I saw hunger

Sleeping on the roads I saw hunger
Two siblings teaching life to each other
One was little girl and other was young boy
But they understood life was never a toy

It was night and dinner time
Oh Angel, being hungry is not a crime
Girl was hungry and asking for food
Boy was running here and there

Brother did you get food from anywhere
He said no but I saw your favorite actress
She was tall and dancing
She was beautiful like a fairy

Really oh brother you saw her
Yes my sister she was indeed
She came in a big car
Wearing a white dress

Everybody was happy and applauding everywhere
She was asleep with dreams of her fairy.
Dreaming hunger in her stomach
Many such children’s sleep hungry everywhere.

You can feed a hungry child through No Hungry Child
You can fill a stomach through Bhookh
You can be blessed through Hungry Children
Else you can offer some food to any hungry person.

Thanks for reading the post !

Are you a healthy kid ?

I remember when I was kid, my mom use to give me multivitamins and seven seas. As I was not so good for my eating habits and would always make faces for certain type of food. Pulses were always my enemy at home. Fruits stayed far away from me . Mom use to make fruit custard so that fruits can get into my body. For proteins, she considered eggs and chicken .Fish is my ultimate love but then I can’t eat it daily. So in order for healthy body we need immunity, Immunity to fight against devil bacteria’s and viruses everywhere.And for Immunity we need to have proper intake of diets.

In Fast food century, where kids are more bothered about burgers, French fries, pizza, Chinese etc.They need something which can help them strengthen their immune system. Immune system is the system in our body which does a job of fighting against disease causing micro-organism, and when it fails you fall sick. Have you ever noticed some kids fall sick again and again? We can conclude they have weak immune system.

For Healthy immune kid we need
-Healthy diet
-Healthy habits
-Certain vitamins
-Healthy lifestyle

Our immune system can be called as our own army, an army who needs to be regularly nourished. I remember during my childhood days I use to eat chalks, my doctor said that I have calcium deficiency.

In the world of dough nuts and chocolate rooms, I have seen my 12 year old nephew suffering from diabetes, he was use to chocolates and dough nuts, those jellies made this happen. He is suffering from diabetes type 2 where he is given insulin injections everday.And doctors says insulin injections is now part of his life .He is mere 12 year old and now a diabetic patient. His diabetes is worse than my grandmother. Doctors can better tell us what could be the cause of his diabetes but we all learned one thing that healthy food habits and proper vitamins should be the part of life.
Another live example is my cousin who is obese; she looks 10 year older than her age. Healthy never means over eating it means taking proper care of what you are eating .Obesity can lead to various other diseases like heart disease etc.

Dabur chyawanprash is the old name for a natural Vedas, I remember the taste is little tangy (during my childhood times), I would run away when it was my time to eat. But mom made it sure that I eat it daily even once .As Dabur chyawanprash has number of herbs which helps strengthen our immune system and helps our defense system to fight against day to day infections .Also now we have various flavors such as mango and mixed fruit. For diabetic kid we have sugar free dabur.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Lit someone’s life in this diwali

Too often the trend in our society is people are separated from humanity, day by day we are becoming selfish, which is in turn cutting us off from the great mass of humanity and we are getting dehumanized in each step.#GharWaliDiwali

The tendency towards selfishness rather than giving or helping we are less active in helping humans who are in need. Do we really need to ponder to offer help to someone who really need it? Even if we can? That will be big question mark on our minds .As we don’t bother .I am not saying, I am a great person who helps everybody .But I try to do bit every time when I can.

This diwali when I went for shopping at Crawford market ,I saw a very old and weak man ,he must be in his 60’s,standing in a corner he was selling combs for mere Rs 5.I noticed nobody was interested to buy his combs (as it was not too fashionable) .Nobody bothered to even look at him and sympathises the old creature. He was stooping and selling the combs in his low weak voice. Standing near Badshah cold drinks, People were buying colorful nail polish worth Rs50 each. There were diyas,lanterns,candles and colors everywhere. But I couldn’t see any color in this old man eyes. May be he was worried how much he will earn that day. May be he have his family to support?

I thought why not help this old man this diwali however I can. I bought 6 combs from him. Then it stroked I would help him to sell his combs .Looking at me one aunty she bought 4 combs from him. Then I tried helping him by asking people.
“Hi mam, Could you help this man by buying just one comb worth Rs 5? He is not begging but selling combs. May be you could help a little” .I tried the same with about 10 people.9 out of 10 did help this guy. Except one man who was too adamant He said,” I don’t care “.May be this guy will make bungalow out of his Rs 5.I know I have no right to be so angry but there is humanity in those nine humans who actually bought some combs from that old man.
And then I went away .I know this is not enough, but I was happy I could help someone even for a day.

So strike back against the selfishness and greed of our modern world, and help out a fellow human being today. Not next month, but today.#GharWaliDiwali
Helping a human being will help you too
1.    It makes you feel happy and better about yourselves
2.   It  helps you connect with the person not for life ,but for moment
3.   It improves somebody’s life at least for someday
4.   Makes world better place to live in.
5.   Your kindness can be multiplied and multiplied

So take just few minutes for your precious time and do a kindness for anybody. Let’s put a smile on someone’s face today #GharWaliDiwali

Friday, 17 October 2014

Going through the pages of my diary!

Going through the pages of my diary
It was the last day of my diary

My Diary played the best friend role till now
It is now 5 years I spent with it

I cried my heart out to my diary
I laughed my brains to my diary

I shared my world with my diary
I consoled myself and assured my universe through words

Words that were mine
Words which cannot be shared to anyone

Words which were painful!
Words which were happy!

Simple moments were best
Simple moments were worst too

The dates and days i shared .
Some were very good and some were bad.

I don’t know when and how .
My diary became my ultimate friend.

It taught me what to remember and what to not .
It taught me what I have and what I lost.

Sometime morning and sometime night.
I am sitting with my diary bright.

Now i am writing goodbye to my this lovely friend.

Will start new diary with this trend.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tips for Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most special event in girls life.Hence the wedding photographs, one day you will have a glance at these photographs and have a hearty laugh on those special moments.

1. Shoot the special bridal moments
It can be right from bride trying her ornaments and bridal dress .Or it can be bride laughing and chatting with her besties.In India, it would be taking the clicks of the bridal mehendi functions. Brides just give it a natural pose .Do not bother about the mess around. You will love it when you see the output of your poses

2. Your subtle moments
Be attentive at the subtle moments between the groom and bride during the ceremony. The natural click when they look each other with love or may be out of modesty. It could be sharing a smile or laugh during the ceremony. This would hold significant meaning to them

3. The Moment is here
Natural moments like Elders blessing the bride and groom.Mother kissing the bride and shedding some beautiful tears. Cousin Sisters teasing the groom.

4. Try being sensitive
Weddings are very emotional events which are going to be lifetime affair. Be aware and sensitive to these heartfelt unique moments.

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