Friday, 24 October 2014

Are you a healthy kid ?

I remember when I was kid, my mom use to give me multivitamins and seven seas. As I was not so good for my eating habits and would always make faces for certain type of food. Pulses were always my enemy at home. Fruits stayed far away from me . Mom use to make fruit custard so that fruits can get into my body. For proteins, she considered eggs and chicken .Fish is my ultimate love but then I can’t eat it daily. So in order for healthy body we need immunity, Immunity to fight against devil bacteria’s and viruses everywhere.And for Immunity we need to have proper intake of diets.

In Fast food century, where kids are more bothered about burgers, French fries, pizza, Chinese etc.They need something which can help them strengthen their immune system. Immune system is the system in our body which does a job of fighting against disease causing micro-organism, and when it fails you fall sick. Have you ever noticed some kids fall sick again and again? We can conclude they have weak immune system.

For Healthy immune kid we need
-Healthy diet
-Healthy habits
-Certain vitamins
-Healthy lifestyle

Our immune system can be called as our own army, an army who needs to be regularly nourished. I remember during my childhood days I use to eat chalks, my doctor said that I have calcium deficiency.

In the world of dough nuts and chocolate rooms, I have seen my 12 year old nephew suffering from diabetes, he was use to chocolates and dough nuts, those jellies made this happen. He is suffering from diabetes type 2 where he is given insulin injections everday.And doctors says insulin injections is now part of his life .He is mere 12 year old and now a diabetic patient. His diabetes is worse than my grandmother. Doctors can better tell us what could be the cause of his diabetes but we all learned one thing that healthy food habits and proper vitamins should be the part of life.
Another live example is my cousin who is obese; she looks 10 year older than her age. Healthy never means over eating it means taking proper care of what you are eating .Obesity can lead to various other diseases like heart disease etc.

Dabur chyawanprash is the old name for a natural Vedas, I remember the taste is little tangy (during my childhood times), I would run away when it was my time to eat. But mom made it sure that I eat it daily even once .As Dabur chyawanprash has number of herbs which helps strengthen our immune system and helps our defense system to fight against day to day infections .Also now we have various flavors such as mango and mixed fruit. For diabetic kid we have sugar free dabur.

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