Friday, 17 October 2014

Going through the pages of my diary!

Going through the pages of my diary
It was the last day of my diary

My Diary played the best friend role till now
It is now 5 years I spent with it

I cried my heart out to my diary
I laughed my brains to my diary

I shared my world with my diary
I consoled myself and assured my universe through words

Words that were mine
Words which cannot be shared to anyone

Words which were painful!
Words which were happy!

Simple moments were best
Simple moments were worst too

The dates and days i shared .
Some were very good and some were bad.

I don’t know when and how .
My diary became my ultimate friend.

It taught me what to remember and what to not .
It taught me what I have and what I lost.

Sometime morning and sometime night.
I am sitting with my diary bright.

Now i am writing goodbye to my this lovely friend.

Will start new diary with this trend.

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