Monday, 20 October 2014

Lit someone’s life in this diwali

Too often the trend in our society is people are separated from humanity, day by day we are becoming selfish, which is in turn cutting us off from the great mass of humanity and we are getting dehumanized in each step.#GharWaliDiwali

The tendency towards selfishness rather than giving or helping we are less active in helping humans who are in need. Do we really need to ponder to offer help to someone who really need it? Even if we can? That will be big question mark on our minds .As we don’t bother .I am not saying, I am a great person who helps everybody .But I try to do bit every time when I can.

This diwali when I went for shopping at Crawford market ,I saw a very old and weak man ,he must be in his 60’s,standing in a corner he was selling combs for mere Rs 5.I noticed nobody was interested to buy his combs (as it was not too fashionable) .Nobody bothered to even look at him and sympathises the old creature. He was stooping and selling the combs in his low weak voice. Standing near Badshah cold drinks, People were buying colorful nail polish worth Rs50 each. There were diyas,lanterns,candles and colors everywhere. But I couldn’t see any color in this old man eyes. May be he was worried how much he will earn that day. May be he have his family to support?

I thought why not help this old man this diwali however I can. I bought 6 combs from him. Then it stroked I would help him to sell his combs .Looking at me one aunty she bought 4 combs from him. Then I tried helping him by asking people.
“Hi mam, Could you help this man by buying just one comb worth Rs 5? He is not begging but selling combs. May be you could help a little” .I tried the same with about 10 people.9 out of 10 did help this guy. Except one man who was too adamant He said,” I don’t care “.May be this guy will make bungalow out of his Rs 5.I know I have no right to be so angry but there is humanity in those nine humans who actually bought some combs from that old man.
And then I went away .I know this is not enough, but I was happy I could help someone even for a day.

So strike back against the selfishness and greed of our modern world, and help out a fellow human being today. Not next month, but today.#GharWaliDiwali
Helping a human being will help you too
1.    It makes you feel happy and better about yourselves
2.   It  helps you connect with the person not for life ,but for moment
3.   It improves somebody’s life at least for someday
4.   Makes world better place to live in.
5.   Your kindness can be multiplied and multiplied

So take just few minutes for your precious time and do a kindness for anybody. Let’s put a smile on someone’s face today #GharWaliDiwali

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