Friday, 24 October 2014

Lying on the roads

Lying on the roads
Blood everywhere
People went by but did not care
He was waiting for his death to come

Dying every second
Pain was unbearable
Pain of being human where humans don’t care
Lying on the roads

Thinking of my family
He wished he could reach his mobile
For his last call
But there was blood everywhere
Calling for help every time

He was waiting for his death to come
Pleading and crying for help
Water was his last wish and nothing else

Bus went by
Car went by
Nobody came for help
Looking at the sky

I saw two angels
They carried me to their car
And I was no where.
Found myself in hospital
I was alive
But then I cried I was with humans again
Humans who did not bother my identity
Humans who did not help
But I am blessed we have some angels on earth still alive.

Please be somebody’s angel whenever and however you can.We are humans and we are incomplete without each other.Helping somebody will never make you rich in money and but will always make you rich in your self esteem.Help world to be better place to live in.

Happy helping !

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