Friday, 24 October 2014

Sleeping on the roads I saw hunger

Sleeping on the roads I saw hunger
Two siblings teaching life to each other
One was little girl and other was young boy
But they understood life was never a toy

It was night and dinner time
Oh Angel, being hungry is not a crime
Girl was hungry and asking for food
Boy was running here and there

Brother did you get food from anywhere
He said no but I saw your favorite actress
She was tall and dancing
She was beautiful like a fairy

Really oh brother you saw her
Yes my sister she was indeed
She came in a big car
Wearing a white dress

Everybody was happy and applauding everywhere
She was asleep with dreams of her fairy.
Dreaming hunger in her stomach
Many such children’s sleep hungry everywhere.

You can feed a hungry child through No Hungry Child
You can fill a stomach through Bhookh
You can be blessed through Hungry Children
Else you can offer some food to any hungry person.

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