Thursday, 27 November 2014

Thats about beards?

I asked some of my friends and colleagues what do you think about the non-shaven face, let’s check out their reactions and answers to my question.#WillYoushave
Men’s were rated more attractive and handsome when they shaved their beards off; most of the women’s don’t find beards attractive at all. For women’s, and being bearded is like being older and kind of aggressive look. Some of my friends even said that bearded men look not so friendly .Beards can help you win a fight with your enemy, definitely can’t help you win hearts of the opposite gender. Beards will help men to protect their faces from UV rays; otherwise will not help at all.

Tell me one man who is alive sporting a facial hair- it could be layers of stubble, a trimmed goatee or a so called full grown beard-Who would not look better without the beard?
As a beard hater, a thick bushy beard is not better than plain love of cheeks, well I am not alone in this, and do you know something called as pogonophobia (fear of beards). 

When I asked Mary about the beards?
This is how she reacted!
Bearded men’s look like the negative characters in movies; at times they look too scary. If they approach me, my answer would be definitely no.

Aunt Khalida
I love bearded men’s, but only when they are old. I would never like my teenage boy to grow beards.

 Neighbour Reema
Don’t we girls do so much for these guys? We wax our legs and our hands, upper lips .We trim our eyebrows.Dont you think they should sacrifice those facial hairs for us? 

 My Dancing teacher Deepika
I love the gentlemen face of men’s, which is obviously is in being clean shaved! #WillYoushave

While it’s not universal rule, but majority of the women find the clean shaven men more.
Tell me what’s your opinion about the same?

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lets make the Clean Shave Impression!

It was the day when guests were coming to our place. They were coming to see my cousin sister for marriage purpose. Uncle and Aunty was way too nervous, she is their only daughter and most pampered in their house.  Ambience of the house was totally changed, new curtains, new sofa covers and variety of snacks and sweets.

Basic Assumptions of the parents of the to be bride
1. Decent looking guy
2. Educated guy
3. Well mannered
4. Honest
5. Family person

Dreams of a girl
1. Handsome man
2. Romantic
3. Caring
4. Loving
5. With Sense of humor

When his parents came, they said the guy would be joining us later, as he is in office and would come directly. They started with smile and looking at the girl. The family discussion included the discussions of good traits of the girl and the boy. While, the girl’s eye was on the door. Because both the family was getting fond of each other, and there was no sign of the guy. Looking at the samosa lying on the dining table, she started thinking of the guy, which could be her life partner. #WillYouShave 

Thoughts pondering on girl’s mind#WillYouShave 
·        Why is he so late? May be he is not interested
·        Or may be stuck in traffic
·        Or may he is in love with somebody

In no time, the bell rang, The maid went to the door and shouted ‘Somebody on the door,madam may be you have got some parcel?’ She thought he is a courier boy. Then suddenly the family realized he was the guy they were waiting.

Look at the boy #WillYouShave 
·        Oil in the hair
·        Non-Shaven face
·        Looking too tired as if he came from Oil factory
·        Sad
·        Not handsome as expected
·        Not even a family man

You can predict the further story, what could have happen next. You fate sometimes depend on the way you look, the non shaven look gives you a dreadful look of the villain in those south Indian movies. It gives the impression as if you are so lazy that have no time to shave, implies have no time to look at yourself in mirror. Can anybody expect you to look the work perfectly? .Can anybody expect that the man with the stubble will have enough time for yourself? You look can create a bad impression on others. It could be wrong impression, which could led you miss many good chances in your life.

You know why do some people succeed faster than others .Why does some people get opportunities and other doesn’t? Why do some people make their impressions last.

The answer I have found to all these questions is making lasting impression at once. It may sound simple, so anybody can try out.

Tips and tricks, but all is in you! #WillYouShave 
  • Be the Real you
  • Be positive
  • Look good
  • Cleanliness is really next to godliness 
  •  Be Happy no matter what
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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Travel Big with Lufthansa A380!

When travelling a long distance journey first thing I need is comfort. I define comfort by comfortable seats, good food, clean place, super clean toilets and good service. But I have never got all these together in combination at the same time. Something is missing every time I traveled.#LufthansaA380

When you travelling at some new place, your head is already spinning for many things, which includes new language, new food, new place and most important new people around. Lufthansa had tried to make us comfortable by launching more Indian feeling in Lufthansa flights. The flights are now serving Indian food in Indian style. I wish the A380 Passenger aircraft could add more to India from Lufthansa.

Lufthansa is now third overseas airline to operate jumbo A380 to India. Imagine the world heaviest and largest passenger aircraft in the world is now landing in India. The Lufthansa A380 seats about 526 passengers and its four Rolls Royce engines each generates 70000lbs of thrust, it’s about of what 3500 cars could produce. Don’t you think, the A380 raises the bar. I was amazed looking at the Virtual tour. This aircraft is one of the newest kind in the Lufthansa fleet. Lufthansa becomes the fleet worldwide.

Some of the features which you can find in the Lufthansa A380
  • Lufthansa's A380 features its new First Class product, 98 Business Class seats and Economy Class with personal televisions and 420 seats on the main deck.
  • Lufthansa’s A380 is its new product of first class, 98 business class sears and Economy class with personal televisions and count of 420 seats on the main deck.
  • Comfortable seats and generous recline, this is the most feature for the jumbo flight. I need recliners to stretch out during long journeys.
  • Beautiful interior that uplifts your mind to serenity.
  • Business class with nice storage compartment.#LufthansaA380
  • First class is uniquely offered with the comfortable beds.
  • Convenient storage in the seat to store clothes and personal stuffs.
  • The Bathrooms are really spacious with the cabinets.

For Families
You will find the Bassinets, that is special baby beds which can be reserved for infants. You will also find the baby changers for long haul flights. They also offer baby food for infants during the flight. So, they call it a flight for family.#LufthansaA380

Lufthansa will fly the Rollroyce Airbus A380 on Frankfurt to Delhi route, they want their customers to experience the Lufthansa’s latest in-flight products and services which also includes the state of the art first class and the launch of A380 underlines for their commitment to provide Indian customers with the best Lufthansa experience worldwide.

It would be great to welcome the world’s largest aircraft in India, with best of its amenities offered to customers. You can feel the air of the big giant during your travel from Delhi to Frankfurt.

Funny tips for flying in the Jumbo jet A380 #LufthansaA380
1. I know you are too hungry in flights, pre-order your meals and it means you will be served first during meal times.
2. The best seats in the economy class is always in the front row, go grab it.
3. It is a great long journey, so take good advantage of all the amenities offered by the crew.Hot towel, juice, blanket and pillow.#LufthansaA380
4. Check out the live footage on the screen; check those big wings of the plane.
5. Smile inside when the crew is explaining you the rules with those actions.
6. SMS your friend in flight, so he will be charged for receiving one.

Check out the virtual tour of the flight #LufthansaA380

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Monday, 24 November 2014

There is a nature's call

Toilet, nature’s call and every humans birth right. It is the passing of urine or defecate which is basically flushing the waste bowl into the sewer. It is the waste product in the body which needs to pass every day. Can you stop the process anytime you want? Can anybody stop the process anybody wants? Does it matter whether you are rich or poor? But what matters is every human needs a hygienic toilet and clean water to clean the urinary system of the body.
 What if I say go urinate on the train tracks? Or go defecate on the pile of dirt or waste .Go defecates on the most unhygienic open area where there are lot of mosquitoes and unclean water. Just think about it
 There are many in India who actually urinate or defecate in open areas, almost everywhere. Sometimes they even don’t have water to clean their private parts. Because of such unhygienic conditions they fell ill. These diseases are mostly found in children’s like Babli.
 Three year old babli realized that there is no such place as toilet. She used to pee anywhere near her house or anywhere near railways tracks. Her mother is the housemaid of businessman. One day Babli got a chance to visit their place. When she felt like peeing. She was directed to the cleanest place in her eyes. It was called as toilet. A Toilet with white marbles and clean shower attached. She was instructed to wash her private areas with water and clean her hands with soap. The Aroma of the toilet was so fragrant that Babli thought this is the most fragrant toilet in the world. That day babli realize that their home needs a toilet, in fact her whole village needs a hygienic toilet .What do you think ?

 We see people urinating and defecating on trees, railway tracks, with unhygienic water, unhygienic toilets, filthy toilets .But have we ever realize that the natures call needs hygiene .Unhygienic toilets can led to many diseases which can be spreaded from people to people.
 I remember once I went to visit somebody in Government hospital, and there I saw the most unhygienic toilet ever. Imagine the hospitals are maintaining the most filthy toilets, what can we think about Railway stations, Bus stations, Markets and other public places. Some places like orphanage also do not have hygienic toilets.
 Domex Toilet Academy had initiated a hygienic initiative to make villages in Maharashtra and Orissa Open defecation Free zone. Their aim is to 24,00 toilets by the end of 2015.They are also partnering with self help groups to create the awareness amongst villagers.

You can bring the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the contribute tab on and Domex will contribute Rs 5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Feed the need, Hunger!

Can you resist hunger? I guess no human can. But there are some people in the world, who sleep hungry in the dreams of food. I never thought about this until I saw one advertisement where they depict hunger in the words of a child. From that day onwards I thought that whenever I see a child begging, I will not offer them money, As nowadays there are lot of beggar scams going on in the world. But I can offer them food. From any beggar face, we can never know whether they are innocent or not, but the needy ones should not accused.

Playing my part, Whenever I went to eat near our office, some of the children’s ask for food, I could not encourage everybody but I buy them the food and ask them to eat. Food is one of the basic requirement of any living being to grow healthy. We cannot imagine the hunger when we are so easy on spending our wallets on McDonalds, Pizza hut and Sizzlers. We are not bothered that we are overfilling our stomachs or not.

Let’s look over hungry brats in the world

1.I am too hungry today, Please give me one Extra cheese Fish burger with white mayo, One Cold drink, Two French fries, One Sizzling Chicken wrap and  One scoop of ice-cream (Is he hungry from last one week ?)

2.I will have omlet today, give me 7 eggs omlet please.(You don’t believe it, but it is true)

3.Three Large glasses of sugarcane juice, Man where are you looking, all for me!

Funny right, but yes these all are real incidents of over eating. And that is why world is so imbalanced in nature. One day, me and my husband went to food court in the mall, I noticed a 10 year old girl playing with 2 year old child, and mother coming with shopping bags. They all were seated near the food court, then I realised that the girl was a caretaker of the child. The lady went ahead to order the food. What I was amazed at, that she ordered food for herself and scoop of ice-cream for the two year old. I noticed she didn’t ordered anything for the little girl. Being a little child, she was looking at the food, but the ruthless lady never offered her anything, This happened for another 20 minutes. I got a vanilla scoop ice-cream and went to the table, and offered the ice-cream to the child. The Lady became too adamant and said she does not need anything. I argued with her that the child labour is illegal and you are not even feeding the child .My husband came over saying there is no point in arguing with the lady.
But the sight was unbelievable, or inhumane !

Please do feed a hungry child or any hungry being, it could be a beggar ,it could be your maid, it could be your guest , it could be you pet, it could be your friend!

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Love the Human need !

She was sitting in her balcony, pondering some beautiful thoughts. Thoughts of her dead husband and thoughts of her two children’s who are well settled in USA now. Loneliness was her only friend now, not that she was too old but she was too alone to smile and cheer up her life. It’s been 10 years now, her children’s living their life onsite. Now, after her husband left it’s been a year she met anybody from her family. Her children’s are too busy enjoying their life. They are so busy that they even have less time to talk to her. Sometimes, she curses herself that she should'nt have educated her children’s so much, that one day they would leave her so alone. Sometimes, she pondered that she could have one more children who would live with her.#BringBackTheTouch

It was chilling winter, But Saika was in no mood to get out of these thoughts. As if, her life’s clock had stopped somewhere and it will never start. Saika, who once loved cooking, had no passion in food now. Her son use to send lot of money, which was now in no use to Saika. Her daily routine consisted of just spending life and waiting for the one week which she could spend with her children.#BringBackTheTouch

Until One day, she got to knew that she had new neighbours. The Beautiful couple who was struggling to live in this new town. Mira and Ramz, they were happy go lucky couple. Mira was expecting her first child. They knocked Saika’s door, or may be knocked her life’s door.

“Aunty, Sorry to bother you, but Mira is too exhausted and I am cleaning my place. If you could please allow her to sit at your place, till then I will clean my room”

“Mira smiled and pointed to her stomach”

“Yes, sure Beta, Please come in” said Saika

“Aunty nowadays I am feeling so clumsy what to tell you, I feel like eating everything I tempt’

Smiling after a long time, “Yes, Beta these days are beautiful days of life”

“But, Aunty I don’t have parents, I am orphan, so ramz take all the pain to give me all love”

Mira kept on talking and chirping all the time.

Then Ramz came in, “Come on, Mira I am done “

While they were leaving, Saika called them “You guys must be very tired today, why not come at my place for dinner? “

“Aunty, why are you taking so much pain? That is okay “

“It would be my pleasure, you are like my children”

“In that case, we would love to “said Mira

Saika was too happy cooking that day. She cooked all the three course meal for the couple.

“Aunty, I must say you have magic in your hands, I am blessed to eat your food “

She insisted,” Mira, whatever you feel like eating, please let me know. I would love to cook for you”

“Sure, Aunty”

That day was most serene day for Saika, she slept a peaceful sleep.

Next day, she got up and asked her maid to get a list of grocery. Her maid was amused to see saika so happy and excited.Saika started making ladoos and sweets for Mira.

Mira use to come every afternoon to chat with Saika. This week went so fast for Saika that she forgot she had to make a call to her daughter.

That night Mira got her labour pains. She delivered a beautiful daughter. Ramz and Mira called Saika in the hospital, as both of them were too nervous to take their baby in their hands. Saika was so happy to take their daughter in her arms, it was the first touch of the child, and she realized life is so beautiful.#BringBackTheTouch

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Get Lucky 6 by Fat Cat !

Have you ever been lucky to win those lotteries during your childhood days? .I remember during those days we use to play mini lotteries near schools, if you are lucky you would win some toys and luckiest would win the Bicycle. Although, I did not remember anybody who have won the Bicycle. But the game was pretty fun. My husband always wished that he could win some lottery so that he could prove me that he is lucky. Luck is being mystical or religious or it can be emotional context. Have you ever thought that luck could be related to anything which interests you?

Well, Yes Fat Cat is the answer to all your lucky questions. Fat Cat is fun, easy and free to play game which is available in iOs and android. So, you don’t believe your luck. Go try downloading the app on your mobile phones and get lucky. All you have to do is select you’re Lucky 6 brands and then watch how they perform and if you are lucky then you could win big prizes.

Win cash prizes while you play
Have you ever win prizes for playing games? Fat Cat gives you opportunity to do that. It gives you opportunity to play for cash and not for points.

Friends and you
Share the app with your friends and if they win you win too.  I am sure we all must have share many apps and games with our friends. Now sharing apps will turn you lucky. Imagine the probability of winning if you share the app/game to 20 of your friends. And I must tell you the game is really addictive and interesting.

Brands and you
Since the day malls came into our life. We all know almost all the brands and the nature of the brands. There are likes and dislikes involved. Yes, I love Zara for Tops and Veromoda for bottoms. My husband is crazy for Police watches and Nike shoes. My sister is crazy for Guess watches. No, you don’t have to give nay review or survey here. Just go and play it for your six brands.

Easy to play
Tapping your luck was never as easy as tapping your brand of interests.

So let’s be a part of real game changer the FAT CAT

I tapped my luck
I tapped my name

I said myself let’s get into the game

Playing the game
Which was fun and easy?

Was it lotto?
Making me frizzy

The brands which would go well that day.
Hey is there any sale going on?

Festival seasons I know which brand will rock
I say to my luck “knock knock”

My friends will also win
I will also win

I said myself let’s get into the game

Playing the six
Was like playing the mix

It got into my head
That to my brother I could share

He is addictive to Quizapp
He would win big shares of the map

I said myself let’s get into the game

 Fat Cat app is modern lottery system n your mobile .It is an mobile app with an innovative lottery style game called Lucky 6.It’s a simple game where you have pick your favorite 6 brands and see how their stock gains on game  day….and then you win.So,lets go gaming on Fatcatgaming.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Travel to Krabi

I was curious about scuba diving and water sports. A planning to go out of your country and schedule your travel is not so easy. My research started with my collegue.Then followed Google. Suggestions and research said Bali ,Krabi islands, Andaman nicobar. Flights were cheapest from Airasia,as they are providing lots of ongoing offers. Bali jet set had various activities like Jet ski,parasailing,Scuba diving,Sea walker ,wakeboarding etc . Krabi is beautiful landscape of hills,limestone,mangrove and palm trees. I would love to breathe my share of oxygen there. The images are unbelievable .No, I am not endorsing Airasia or Thai airways, but they are providing good options to travel to Krabi.Lets see where my search ends. So my plans are on.Help me if you have suggestions or just anything to say.Will let you guys know more about my travel destiny search !