Monday, 24 November 2014

Feed the need, Hunger!

Can you resist hunger? I guess no human can. But there are some people in the world, who sleep hungry in the dreams of food. I never thought about this until I saw one advertisement where they depict hunger in the words of a child. From that day onwards I thought that whenever I see a child begging, I will not offer them money, As nowadays there are lot of beggar scams going on in the world. But I can offer them food. From any beggar face, we can never know whether they are innocent or not, but the needy ones should not accused.

Playing my part, Whenever I went to eat near our office, some of the children’s ask for food, I could not encourage everybody but I buy them the food and ask them to eat. Food is one of the basic requirement of any living being to grow healthy. We cannot imagine the hunger when we are so easy on spending our wallets on McDonalds, Pizza hut and Sizzlers. We are not bothered that we are overfilling our stomachs or not.

Let’s look over hungry brats in the world

1.I am too hungry today, Please give me one Extra cheese Fish burger with white mayo, One Cold drink, Two French fries, One Sizzling Chicken wrap and  One scoop of ice-cream (Is he hungry from last one week ?)

2.I will have omlet today, give me 7 eggs omlet please.(You don’t believe it, but it is true)

3.Three Large glasses of sugarcane juice, Man where are you looking, all for me!

Funny right, but yes these all are real incidents of over eating. And that is why world is so imbalanced in nature. One day, me and my husband went to food court in the mall, I noticed a 10 year old girl playing with 2 year old child, and mother coming with shopping bags. They all were seated near the food court, then I realised that the girl was a caretaker of the child. The lady went ahead to order the food. What I was amazed at, that she ordered food for herself and scoop of ice-cream for the two year old. I noticed she didn’t ordered anything for the little girl. Being a little child, she was looking at the food, but the ruthless lady never offered her anything, This happened for another 20 minutes. I got a vanilla scoop ice-cream and went to the table, and offered the ice-cream to the child. The Lady became too adamant and said she does not need anything. I argued with her that the child labour is illegal and you are not even feeding the child .My husband came over saying there is no point in arguing with the lady.
But the sight was unbelievable, or inhumane !

Please do feed a hungry child or any hungry being, it could be a beggar ,it could be your maid, it could be your guest , it could be you pet, it could be your friend!

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