Thursday, 20 November 2014

Get Lucky 6 by Fat Cat !

Have you ever been lucky to win those lotteries during your childhood days? .I remember during those days we use to play mini lotteries near schools, if you are lucky you would win some toys and luckiest would win the Bicycle. Although, I did not remember anybody who have won the Bicycle. But the game was pretty fun. My husband always wished that he could win some lottery so that he could prove me that he is lucky. Luck is being mystical or religious or it can be emotional context. Have you ever thought that luck could be related to anything which interests you?

Well, Yes Fat Cat is the answer to all your lucky questions. Fat Cat is fun, easy and free to play game which is available in iOs and android. So, you don’t believe your luck. Go try downloading the app on your mobile phones and get lucky. All you have to do is select you’re Lucky 6 brands and then watch how they perform and if you are lucky then you could win big prizes.

Win cash prizes while you play
Have you ever win prizes for playing games? Fat Cat gives you opportunity to do that. It gives you opportunity to play for cash and not for points.

Friends and you
Share the app with your friends and if they win you win too.  I am sure we all must have share many apps and games with our friends. Now sharing apps will turn you lucky. Imagine the probability of winning if you share the app/game to 20 of your friends. And I must tell you the game is really addictive and interesting.

Brands and you
Since the day malls came into our life. We all know almost all the brands and the nature of the brands. There are likes and dislikes involved. Yes, I love Zara for Tops and Veromoda for bottoms. My husband is crazy for Police watches and Nike shoes. My sister is crazy for Guess watches. No, you don’t have to give nay review or survey here. Just go and play it for your six brands.

Easy to play
Tapping your luck was never as easy as tapping your brand of interests.

So let’s be a part of real game changer the FAT CAT

I tapped my luck
I tapped my name

I said myself let’s get into the game

Playing the game
Which was fun and easy?

Was it lotto?
Making me frizzy

The brands which would go well that day.
Hey is there any sale going on?

Festival seasons I know which brand will rock
I say to my luck “knock knock”

My friends will also win
I will also win

I said myself let’s get into the game

Playing the six
Was like playing the mix

It got into my head
That to my brother I could share

He is addictive to Quizapp
He would win big shares of the map

I said myself let’s get into the game

 Fat Cat app is modern lottery system n your mobile .It is an mobile app with an innovative lottery style game called Lucky 6.It’s a simple game where you have pick your favorite 6 brands and see how their stock gains on game  day….and then you win.So,lets go gaming on Fatcatgaming.

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