Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lets make the Clean Shave Impression!

It was the day when guests were coming to our place. They were coming to see my cousin sister for marriage purpose. Uncle and Aunty was way too nervous, she is their only daughter and most pampered in their house.  Ambience of the house was totally changed, new curtains, new sofa covers and variety of snacks and sweets.

Basic Assumptions of the parents of the to be bride
1. Decent looking guy
2. Educated guy
3. Well mannered
4. Honest
5. Family person

Dreams of a girl
1. Handsome man
2. Romantic
3. Caring
4. Loving
5. With Sense of humor

When his parents came, they said the guy would be joining us later, as he is in office and would come directly. They started with smile and looking at the girl. The family discussion included the discussions of good traits of the girl and the boy. While, the girl’s eye was on the door. Because both the family was getting fond of each other, and there was no sign of the guy. Looking at the samosa lying on the dining table, she started thinking of the guy, which could be her life partner. #WillYouShave 

Thoughts pondering on girl’s mind#WillYouShave 
·        Why is he so late? May be he is not interested
·        Or may be stuck in traffic
·        Or may he is in love with somebody

In no time, the bell rang, The maid went to the door and shouted ‘Somebody on the door,madam may be you have got some parcel?’ She thought he is a courier boy. Then suddenly the family realized he was the guy they were waiting.

Look at the boy #WillYouShave 
·        Oil in the hair
·        Non-Shaven face
·        Looking too tired as if he came from Oil factory
·        Sad
·        Not handsome as expected
·        Not even a family man

You can predict the further story, what could have happen next. You fate sometimes depend on the way you look, the non shaven look gives you a dreadful look of the villain in those south Indian movies. It gives the impression as if you are so lazy that have no time to shave, implies have no time to look at yourself in mirror. Can anybody expect you to look the work perfectly? .Can anybody expect that the man with the stubble will have enough time for yourself? You look can create a bad impression on others. It could be wrong impression, which could led you miss many good chances in your life.

You know why do some people succeed faster than others .Why does some people get opportunities and other doesn’t? Why do some people make their impressions last.

The answer I have found to all these questions is making lasting impression at once. It may sound simple, so anybody can try out.

Tips and tricks, but all is in you! #WillYouShave 
  • Be the Real you
  • Be positive
  • Look good
  • Cleanliness is really next to godliness 
  •  Be Happy no matter what
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