Friday, 21 November 2014

Love the Human need !

She was sitting in her balcony, pondering some beautiful thoughts. Thoughts of her dead husband and thoughts of her two children’s who are well settled in USA now. Loneliness was her only friend now, not that she was too old but she was too alone to smile and cheer up her life. It’s been 10 years now, her children’s living their life onsite. Now, after her husband left it’s been a year she met anybody from her family. Her children’s are too busy enjoying their life. They are so busy that they even have less time to talk to her. Sometimes, she curses herself that she should'nt have educated her children’s so much, that one day they would leave her so alone. Sometimes, she pondered that she could have one more children who would live with her.#BringBackTheTouch

It was chilling winter, But Saika was in no mood to get out of these thoughts. As if, her life’s clock had stopped somewhere and it will never start. Saika, who once loved cooking, had no passion in food now. Her son use to send lot of money, which was now in no use to Saika. Her daily routine consisted of just spending life and waiting for the one week which she could spend with her children.#BringBackTheTouch

Until One day, she got to knew that she had new neighbours. The Beautiful couple who was struggling to live in this new town. Mira and Ramz, they were happy go lucky couple. Mira was expecting her first child. They knocked Saika’s door, or may be knocked her life’s door.

“Aunty, Sorry to bother you, but Mira is too exhausted and I am cleaning my place. If you could please allow her to sit at your place, till then I will clean my room”

“Mira smiled and pointed to her stomach”

“Yes, sure Beta, Please come in” said Saika

“Aunty nowadays I am feeling so clumsy what to tell you, I feel like eating everything I tempt’

Smiling after a long time, “Yes, Beta these days are beautiful days of life”

“But, Aunty I don’t have parents, I am orphan, so ramz take all the pain to give me all love”

Mira kept on talking and chirping all the time.

Then Ramz came in, “Come on, Mira I am done “

While they were leaving, Saika called them “You guys must be very tired today, why not come at my place for dinner? “

“Aunty, why are you taking so much pain? That is okay “

“It would be my pleasure, you are like my children”

“In that case, we would love to “said Mira

Saika was too happy cooking that day. She cooked all the three course meal for the couple.

“Aunty, I must say you have magic in your hands, I am blessed to eat your food “

She insisted,” Mira, whatever you feel like eating, please let me know. I would love to cook for you”

“Sure, Aunty”

That day was most serene day for Saika, she slept a peaceful sleep.

Next day, she got up and asked her maid to get a list of grocery. Her maid was amused to see saika so happy and excited.Saika started making ladoos and sweets for Mira.

Mira use to come every afternoon to chat with Saika. This week went so fast for Saika that she forgot she had to make a call to her daughter.

That night Mira got her labour pains. She delivered a beautiful daughter. Ramz and Mira called Saika in the hospital, as both of them were too nervous to take their baby in their hands. Saika was so happy to take their daughter in her arms, it was the first touch of the child, and she realized life is so beautiful.#BringBackTheTouch

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