Thursday, 27 November 2014

Thats about beards?

I asked some of my friends and colleagues what do you think about the non-shaven face, let’s check out their reactions and answers to my question.#WillYoushave
Men’s were rated more attractive and handsome when they shaved their beards off; most of the women’s don’t find beards attractive at all. For women’s, and being bearded is like being older and kind of aggressive look. Some of my friends even said that bearded men look not so friendly .Beards can help you win a fight with your enemy, definitely can’t help you win hearts of the opposite gender. Beards will help men to protect their faces from UV rays; otherwise will not help at all.

Tell me one man who is alive sporting a facial hair- it could be layers of stubble, a trimmed goatee or a so called full grown beard-Who would not look better without the beard?
As a beard hater, a thick bushy beard is not better than plain love of cheeks, well I am not alone in this, and do you know something called as pogonophobia (fear of beards). 

When I asked Mary about the beards?
This is how she reacted!
Bearded men’s look like the negative characters in movies; at times they look too scary. If they approach me, my answer would be definitely no.

Aunt Khalida
I love bearded men’s, but only when they are old. I would never like my teenage boy to grow beards.

 Neighbour Reema
Don’t we girls do so much for these guys? We wax our legs and our hands, upper lips .We trim our eyebrows.Dont you think they should sacrifice those facial hairs for us? 

 My Dancing teacher Deepika
I love the gentlemen face of men’s, which is obviously is in being clean shaved! #WillYoushave

While it’s not universal rule, but majority of the women find the clean shaven men more.
Tell me what’s your opinion about the same?

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  1. Hi Farah,nicely written.Brad Pitt looks weird in that stubble.
    I have tagged you here Lost Election in School Due to Stubble and hope that you will acknowledge my tag.