Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Travel Big with Lufthansa A380!

When travelling a long distance journey first thing I need is comfort. I define comfort by comfortable seats, good food, clean place, super clean toilets and good service. But I have never got all these together in combination at the same time. Something is missing every time I traveled.#LufthansaA380

When you travelling at some new place, your head is already spinning for many things, which includes new language, new food, new place and most important new people around. Lufthansa had tried to make us comfortable by launching more Indian feeling in Lufthansa flights. The flights are now serving Indian food in Indian style. I wish the A380 Passenger aircraft could add more to India from Lufthansa.

Lufthansa is now third overseas airline to operate jumbo A380 to India. Imagine the world heaviest and largest passenger aircraft in the world is now landing in India. The Lufthansa A380 seats about 526 passengers and its four Rolls Royce engines each generates 70000lbs of thrust, it’s about of what 3500 cars could produce. Don’t you think, the A380 raises the bar. I was amazed looking at the Virtual tour. This aircraft is one of the newest kind in the Lufthansa fleet. Lufthansa becomes the fleet worldwide.

Some of the features which you can find in the Lufthansa A380
  • Lufthansa's A380 features its new First Class product, 98 Business Class seats and Economy Class with personal televisions and 420 seats on the main deck.
  • Lufthansa’s A380 is its new product of first class, 98 business class sears and Economy class with personal televisions and count of 420 seats on the main deck.
  • Comfortable seats and generous recline, this is the most feature for the jumbo flight. I need recliners to stretch out during long journeys.
  • Beautiful interior that uplifts your mind to serenity.
  • Business class with nice storage compartment.#LufthansaA380
  • First class is uniquely offered with the comfortable beds.
  • Convenient storage in the seat to store clothes and personal stuffs.
  • The Bathrooms are really spacious with the cabinets.

For Families
You will find the Bassinets, that is special baby beds which can be reserved for infants. You will also find the baby changers for long haul flights. They also offer baby food for infants during the flight. So, they call it a flight for family.#LufthansaA380

Lufthansa will fly the Rollroyce Airbus A380 on Frankfurt to Delhi route, they want their customers to experience the Lufthansa’s latest in-flight products and services which also includes the state of the art first class and the launch of A380 underlines for their commitment to provide Indian customers with the best Lufthansa experience worldwide.

It would be great to welcome the world’s largest aircraft in India, with best of its amenities offered to customers. You can feel the air of the big giant during your travel from Delhi to Frankfurt.

Funny tips for flying in the Jumbo jet A380 #LufthansaA380
1. I know you are too hungry in flights, pre-order your meals and it means you will be served first during meal times.
2. The best seats in the economy class is always in the front row, go grab it.
3. It is a great long journey, so take good advantage of all the amenities offered by the crew.Hot towel, juice, blanket and pillow.#LufthansaA380
4. Check out the live footage on the screen; check those big wings of the plane.
5. Smile inside when the crew is explaining you the rules with those actions.
6. SMS your friend in flight, so he will be charged for receiving one.

Check out the virtual tour of the flight #LufthansaA380

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