Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Travel to Krabi

I was curious about scuba diving and water sports. A planning to go out of your country and schedule your travel is not so easy. My research started with my collegue.Then followed Google. Suggestions and research said Bali ,Krabi islands, Andaman nicobar. Flights were cheapest from Airasia,as they are providing lots of ongoing offers. Bali jet set had various activities like Jet ski,parasailing,Scuba diving,Sea walker ,wakeboarding etc . Krabi is beautiful landscape of hills,limestone,mangrove and palm trees. I would love to breathe my share of oxygen there. The images are unbelievable .No, I am not endorsing Airasia or Thai airways, but they are providing good options to travel to Krabi.Lets see where my search ends. So my plans are on.Help me if you have suggestions or just anything to say.Will let you guys know more about my travel destiny search !

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