Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Six Facts Every Men should know about stubble

You know it’s the pain to deal with the stubble looks, some do it purposely and some just like that. But do you really know about the facial scruff do to you when you look at mirror every morning?
So let’s go through the joy ride of the stubble you should know:-

1.Time you spent for your stubble
The Average men who removes his stubble clean spends about 140 days removing the stubble in a life time, it’s as per recent stubble survey. So, According to the survey the men’s spend about 3300 hours removing his stubble .That’s a quite good figure compare to girls.

2.Five o clock shadow for you
We all know what the term five o clock shadow. If you don’t know it was originated from some advertisement that says “Goodbye Five o clock”, it means good bye end of the office day. It means stop looking tired with that stubble.

3.Women do not prefer stubble
Now it’s important for you guys, to know that the opposite beautiful gender would not prefer the hairy you, so please be clean and shave it off your face. The stubble men’s are likely to get rejected than others; even I love the notebook guy.

4.Stubble can make your jaw as Square
Sounding funny but its fact that a stubble can do lot of things to your look, no its as per Google doctors. The stubble can the few more minutes to your sleep and add the edge at your jaw.Yeah, I also found it a bit strange that the stubble can create an evolution. It will artificially strengthen your jawline, making you look handsome I guess. It can also result in making you look more aggressive and dominant.

5.Stubble Ban
Do you know stubble had been banned from some work places too? So you can call the stubble is the another trouble men got into. So go guys groom yourself take some time for your looks, we girls do so much for you, take care.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

Guess watches collection at Flipkart

I am huge fan of guess since the day I saw the beautiful golden metallic wrist watch, I have good collection of watches in which guess tops my list. I have the leopard animal print of guess, the golden metallic watch, the rose gold delicate darling. Guess gives you a chick casual look, the time on your watch does not stop to smile, I’m being poetic, when I saw the collection at good discounts on Flipkart, I was sizzled!

Ceramic with gold


In fact, there is huge variety of guess collection at Flipkart. I wish I had so much of money so that I can buy them all.I thought to control my fingers so that I would not scroll down the flipkart guess collection, I kept adding watches to my wishlist.Look at them and let me know which one did you liked?

Guess Analog

Leopard print

Guess Analog with chained look

Check out some more at Flipkart

Top Ten tips to shave your stubble

Now the question is will you really shave your facial hairs for your girlfriend, mother or sister. Or simply for your friends who are teasing you for being such a loafer. Are you a stubble lover or simply too lazy to chop them off your face? Let’s check how human brain works through eyes, when they look at your stubble!

1.Stubble means Lazy man
There are some good and bad rules to human personality, a person with a dirty shirt and bad language could not be labelled as a perfect gentlemen initially at least.Similarly the stubble can signify a message as lazy. Are you so lazy that you don’t even shave off your stubble? I know you were sitting on sofa eating those popcorns and playing those xbox games.

2.Stubble means Low character
The first look gives the impression like whether the beard is your choice of living life. Since your expressions give you a bad man look. When you have those big hairy faces, the traits people mostly associate are with low character.

3.Stubble means Sad
A guy with stubble gives sad lover kind of look, a lover who was rejected or a lover who had a recent break up.

4.Stubble will spoil your date plans
Have you ever thought that what would happen to your date if you went with those cute stubbles? She will think you were so unhappy for the romantic event!

5.Stubble means you’re are too mature then your age
The most loved compliment you will receive is you too young for your age, maybe I should simplify this idea, it has more like what your man looking like, does he one who takes charge of being kind and gentleman or not.

6.Stubble indicated you are aggressive
The villains in those movies, haven’t you seen there ugly stubbles? What do you think they indicate, I guess a trouble for stubble?

7.Are you so dominant?
At times, the stubble also invites the dominant nature in your genes.

8.Why are you so unclean?
I tell my brother to shave off his facial hairs, as he loves so dirty with it.

9.I am supposing you are unemployed
A Stubble look contributes to Sad agony of life.

10.I don’t want to be judgmental for you.
 We girls never want to be so judgemental for you stubble guys, but we can’t help it

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wedding Store at Flipkart- Part One Accessories

December is the wedding season which indeed means shopping for wedding , attending weddings are so much fun when you pair your gorgeous dress with the perfect jewelleries, what do you think?

Nowadays, kundan jewel sets are in, they go well on anarkali, sarees and on dresses as well. Even a simple dress can look elegant when paired with these jewelleries, I was not aware that Flipkart has launched its new wedding collection which also includes Zaveri pearls at heavy discount!So what are you waiting for add some of them to your jewellery collection at 68% off.

You can check these beautiful collection of Zaveri pearls at Flipkart.

New year Party gown at Flipkart

If you are looking for trendy but budget friendly party gown for your new year party, you must definitely check out this Black party gown on Flipkart.

Eavan Party gown

This party gown with neck chest print which is artistic and stylish will give you a stunning look on your new year eve, you can pair this dress with your thongs or monochrome pumps.
And it worth Just for 3999, you can look for eavan party gown at flipkart.

My Favorite Rain and rainbow dress at flipkart

Rain and rainbow is one of my favourite anarkali dress options i got in Flipkart, they give a wide collection of dresses which can be flattered at all occasions. The dresses have lots of gheras with multiple pleats and beautiful combinations of colours and designs which are unique .Casual kurtis with the ultra-rich look gives you perfect essence of  a girl .The simple and stylish anarkali can go well with your pair of stilletos !
In Flipkart I got the option of discount, there were two colour options available with sizes, I purchased the pink sleeves kurta as I love the colour.

In Flipkart I got the option of discount, there were two colour options available with sizes, I purchased the pink sleeves kurta as I love the colour.The flair type pleated anarkali with the behind the neck dori is the complete stylish yet indian look I adore.You can check these beautiful kurtis at Flipkart

My Shopping experience with Flipkart-Biba

Anarkali with Jacket

Last time when I did online shopping was on great online shopping festival at flipkart.I always lobe the popular lifestyle store, sorting the brand to biba and the availability .I was looking for casual anarkali kurtis for my office wear. The biba collection of kurtis is just so awful and so girlish. I started adding many kurtis to my wish list, but some were so good that I can’t wait to buy, zooming over the images and trying to figure out the colors.The sizes were starting from Extra small to Extra Large, plus it was free home delivery option. They had a new option called as Fast delivery where they would charge us some extra amount but will deliver in One day.

Beautiful anarklai dress with golden borders

Casual colorful kurti

Blue Anarkali with gheras

I am anarkali fan and got a collection of anarkalis at flipkart, We also had easy returns options, I bought two kurtis and four dresses, out of which I returned one of them, it was easy click  return option where the delivery boy came to pick up the dress and money was returned in my  flipkart wallet.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

I would love to go on vacation like a kid!

Kids are excited all the time and when they here of vacations they go extremely mad at the world around them. Even a mini vacation is the reason for happiness in their eyes.Its a great big world out there, but for kids its life .So packing up your little angels for a jaunt to nearby city,town or just for circus can be too daunting .

So when it comes to travelling with kids, destinations are not created equal. They need a nice mixture of indoor and outdoor activities and obviously wow factor that you will know on your children’s faces.

Children’s love everything from food to rides, from national parks to clown circus. They are on full life when they are on vacations. The excitement of children’s are at par, whereas we adults cannot enjoy as much as children’s.

Let us narrate the vacation like a kid and what would a kid love while on vacation.

Hiiie, I am Tango, they call me that,however I love being called as Popeye,as he is powerful.But since I don’t like spinach they don’t call me Popeye.
I love vacations, I always start packing my bags before hand.So that I do not forgot my favorite things like cap,basketball,soccer,toy train,mini pants,night dress,chocolates,choco drink,mud player etc.Then I go and announce my vacation to my friends which include school friends and colony friends.Then I dream about my planned vacation everyday sometimes I don’t even sleep.I do all my homework before only, So that mom has no excuse to leave me at home.Last time we went to Goa, it was fun.Fun playing with white sand and building castles.I enjoyed the prawns they made ,and also love sausages sandwhich.The resort had arranged children games for us, I won color set.I also had a chance to play water rides, banana ride was my favorite.We also travelled in a city bus there, it was fun to see Goa.We also purchased cashewnuts.

What I liked in the vacation

Lots of fun
Good Food for kids
Kids Games
Water sports

What I don’t like in vacations

Spicy food
Lots of people
No fun
No Colors
No Bed for Kids

I am on vacation having fun
Playing with my sister
Holding water gun

Cracking up jokes
Laughing all the time

Jumping and hopping
Is no crime

Building castles
Splashing the water

Looking at the stars
And counting them

Amazed at the animals
With open mouth

Beautiful flowers and beautiful trees
So artistic is Go I can see

Winter with snow
And snowman

Christmas with red color around
Those tall trees and those lovely birds

I would always be on vacation
Falling in love.

Give me no food
Give me all air

I would stay on vacation
Sitting on this chair

I thank god for all my five senses!

Through which I can enjoy

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Reasons to see Melbourne-Contest

Melbourne, they say it is the best place to live in the world. Well, that is a huge compliment to the city. I was wondering why is the ranking of this city so high? Why Melbourne has been named the world's most livable city by the Economist Group, publishers of "The Economist" magazine. Since, I have never been to this famous city in Australia, I asked “One of my friend who is currently living in the city help me to figure out the city and what is the loud hustle all about”.
Today Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. It is perhaps the most cultured and politically conservative city with diverse cultures and different races like Australian, Indian, Srilankan, Pakistan, Korean, Vitanmese, Greek, and Chinese. 3.5 million Population is multicultural and entirely sports lover.
Is it the relaxing, dining, people watching, or shopping .How should I describe the city?
A place of nature delights and reserve beauty.
Or a place where sunrises on its sea and nature.
Or a place of blessed beings where you are pleasured to enjoy the combination of city walk and serene breeze.

Let’s check out the best places in Melbourne 

1. Great Ocean Road

If you are the one who loves road trips and long drives, you surely can’t miss this one .The Great Ocean road is for experiencing one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives and you will be lucky to see 12 apostles, iconic surf breaks and waterfalls. People say it as Great ocean walk in which they fall in love with. It is renowned as the greatest scenic drive in Australia; actually the Great Ocean road is an attraction itself. It’s a long road which connects you to beautiful sea and mountains.
There is a wide range of attractions to be found throughout the boulevard of the Great Ocean road. If you continue the road, you ll pass through the Prince town and Port Campbell. Here you will find the limestone stacks of twelve apostles. These are unique natural attractions which have been created by some erosive wave action over millions of years ago.

This place will help you admire the stunning coastline on the Great Ocean Walk and enjoy fine dining, local winemakers and fresh produce along the way.

2. Sea life aquarium

Looking for Nemo?

If it’s the famous clown fish you are dreaming to see, you will find the Nemo here. Apart from Nemo
Looking at the nemo fish at my home fish tank, I wonder where would be the home of nemo. How would the nemo look in the sea with other mates and corals .Well, here is the chance to see nemo swimming around with merit and to swim along with those colorful fishes. I am a sea lover and its one of my dream to feel the colorful life of the sea. Well, yes it’s all about Sea life Aquarium

Maori Octopus is also a must see, it is known to be one of the most intelligent invertebrates; I would love to get close with this creature.
Other things I browsed about is Sea jellies, do you know sea jellies are made up of more than 90 percent water? They are also known as survivors and have been around since before dinosaurs, Sea jellies should be must meet jellies! What do you think ? I wish I can even touch these sea jellies.

Now comes the dangerous part of the sea diving, we all know lion is dangerous animal on the earth so is the Lionfish on the sea, when disturbed by a diver, the lionfish often makes little effort to swim away from the diver, but instead , it points damsel fin spines towards them.

There are many other activities you can check out in the Sea aquarium, but I would definitely try out Shark Dive Xtreme at Sea life Melbourne Aquarium. The Experience is the ultimate adrenaline rush of coming face to face with the shark, which is one of the dangerous creatures of the Sea.
3. Philip Islands

Philip Islands Nature park is well known park for Australia’s most popular wildlife attractions, Have you heard about the Penguin parade ?. I have seen the parade in Discovery channel and but would love to see it really. Imagine the penguins going on parade it would be such cute scene.

The Park is an island adventure which features wildlife reserves, breathtaking coastline and wetlands .You will enjoy this park with your family too. I am thrilled about the wild life attractions here.

The Kind of arrangement the park management does for the visitors is amazing, there are many diverse tours to experience at the penguin parade. You can view them with personal viewing experience. There is VIP Tour which is spectacular penguin viewing with your very own ranger

Apart from Penguins, you also see the numbers of resident fur seals which entertain the whole family as they have fun and frolic all around.

4. Grampians
If you are the one who loves waterfalls and is fascinated by the sight, then Grampians is must visit again. The deafening roar of water which cascades over ancient rock formations.
It would be thrilling to explore the Grampian's region national parks and discover the sights of spectacular waterfalls. To name one , Mackenzie Falls is one of the Victoria’s largest and most spectacular waterfalls!

You should visit Beehive falls after rains, Or in spring when it often covered by pink and white Grampians Thryptoemene flowers.
You would also see kangaroos jumping around. You would eye over 200 species of birds, 35 species of mammals, 28 species of reptiles there .If you are frog lover there are about 11 species of frogs in Grampians National park.

6.Crown Casino 
Be it a lunch or a river side walk, Crown casino is ultra famous for shopping too. You can dine various cuisines in crown casino dining services.

The Crown towers is famous for Family treats too,check out the crown casino for shopping, gaming , free live entertainment
7.Melbourne Cricket Ground 

In India, people know Melbourne by its famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. It is the Eleventh largest stadium in the world.MCG is often referred by locals as 'G'.It is famous for Common
wealth games and Olympics.

So, Melbourne is the city of  sports lover, walkways, different cuisines, Beautiful nature and twisted roads. I can’t wait to see the colorful flowers all over the city. The Spring collection of god. The jumping jacks with their pockets. The beautiful and unique collection of sea animals .The daring extreme shark diving. The Entertaining clown circus which would be amusing for me and my family. The fame sports ground which I have seen only through television. The roads which are connected to waters. The penguins compelling my family and making us feel bright. I have a secret connection with nature , so travelling Melbourne is like meeting hands with nature which is indeed beautiful artistic creation of Allah. 
Now Tell me which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?Please comment below 
The best answer will win a gift voucher
The Last date for entries is 4th Jan 2015.
Do visit this Website for more details : http://www.visitmelbourne.com/in

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Airbnb Wishlist will never end !

I always thought that it’s so difficult to travel to an unknown place, there is so much to think about when you are travelling somewhere you have never been to. Many things matter right from money to comfort. What if I say that you will get everything as per your wishes and commands?.Your comfort zone, the sunlight from the windowpane of your room, reasonable rates of your stay, some cool guide to give you absolutely cool ideas of the town navigation. Whether you want a penthouse which near to the town or the wifi enabled stay which is spacious and clean. A place which is nearer to restaurants and shopping destinations or a place which is near by sea shore so that you can enjoy every moment of that stay. An apartment which is well searched by you through Airbnb .Are you ready for this? Rent unique places to stay with Airbnb.

What are your priorities for a stay ?#AirbnbWishList
 1.No. of persons (up to 16)
2.Room type could be entire place or shared room or a private room.
Amenities, property type, host language you need

You can check the apartments verified views through Airbnb images given in the listings , you can see review comments which are commented by the rented customers. I loved browsing through the different apartments.#AirbnbWishList

It’s a lovely penthouse with two spacious terrace view.You can accommodate up to 6 people here.The location in the images are very strategic it is only footsteps away from Istiklal Street and the round-the-clock buzzy Taksim, but at the end of a clean and quiet cul-de-sac with a fascinating atmosphere

I chose this apartment as its just 1 minute walk from train station and bus station.Its nearby cities and most important very romantic place.

3. Trinidad,WIFI-CentralRomanticRoom

This is the most serene place I have ever seen, its boutique house located just 100 feet away from pristine beaches , it’s a peaceful and airy place to enjoy the panoramic view of beach house.

Also the reviews were good ,
Check this review “It was a good experience to be back to Maldive. Safiu was very helpful. Starting from picking up from the airport, very friendly people in the staff, clean and tidy rooms. i was very happy for the night fishing tour arranged for me. Location wise is fine too. some local food places around. i Enjoyed the time !!

 So Lets us invite
Invite your friends to Airbnb via email, or share your referral code on Facebook or Twitter.
When you send a friend 1,547 in Airbnb credit, you'll get 1,547 when they travel and 4,642 when they host.
Your available travel credit automatically appears on the checkout page in the form of a coupon.
Invite from here 
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