Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Autobiography of a Stubble !

I was born into teenager boy’s face when he was about 15 year old. He felt that something is pricking into his face. He started feeling me with that little stubble. I was happy to grow more and more. But the teenage boy would not let me grow. He would shave me every alternate day. But, I was adamant to grow. My growth became faster and faster. This boy was getting busy in studies. I got opportunity to stay. I was happy, he got selected into MNC, the lesser the time he have, the lesser he will cut me off. Now he was shaving me every weekend, as he would meet his girl friend those days. During his long working hours, he would not bother to care about, he was too lazy to even trim me off, I was growing in bushes on his face! .At times, he looked too ugly. He was not taking good care of me.

Until One day, when his girl friends’ parents were coming to his place for planning their wedding. This was his first and last chance to impress her parents; he did not want to leave any stone unturned. He shaved me all clean. He was looking smart and positive! And he realized the importance of no stubble and I was gone forever from his life.#WillYoushave
 I am looking for someone whom I can home upon!

Stubble oh Stubble
Go like a bubble

I was in hurry
Making lot of flurry

No time for shaving
Now I am craving

She called me lazy
Am I getting crazy

Stubble oh Stubble
Go like a bubble

Once upon a time,
My stubble was a crime

I saw her in canteen
She did not blush

Why did once she said
I was her crush

Was it because the facial hairs?
Or because now she don’t care

This stubble makes me look older
My friends lean on my shoulder.

As if I have flunked many times
Stubble is crime

I was creating a look
Like a Hollywood

But I ended up looking like a Tollywood

Stubble oh Stubble
Go like a bubble

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