Thursday, 18 December 2014

I would love to go on vacation like a kid!

Kids are excited all the time and when they here of vacations they go extremely mad at the world around them. Even a mini vacation is the reason for happiness in their eyes.Its a great big world out there, but for kids its life .So packing up your little angels for a jaunt to nearby city,town or just for circus can be too daunting .

So when it comes to travelling with kids, destinations are not created equal. They need a nice mixture of indoor and outdoor activities and obviously wow factor that you will know on your children’s faces.

Children’s love everything from food to rides, from national parks to clown circus. They are on full life when they are on vacations. The excitement of children’s are at par, whereas we adults cannot enjoy as much as children’s.

Let us narrate the vacation like a kid and what would a kid love while on vacation.

Hiiie, I am Tango, they call me that,however I love being called as Popeye,as he is powerful.But since I don’t like spinach they don’t call me Popeye.
I love vacations, I always start packing my bags before hand.So that I do not forgot my favorite things like cap,basketball,soccer,toy train,mini pants,night dress,chocolates,choco drink,mud player etc.Then I go and announce my vacation to my friends which include school friends and colony friends.Then I dream about my planned vacation everyday sometimes I don’t even sleep.I do all my homework before only, So that mom has no excuse to leave me at home.Last time we went to Goa, it was fun.Fun playing with white sand and building castles.I enjoyed the prawns they made ,and also love sausages sandwhich.The resort had arranged children games for us, I won color set.I also had a chance to play water rides, banana ride was my favorite.We also travelled in a city bus there, it was fun to see Goa.We also purchased cashewnuts.

What I liked in the vacation

Lots of fun
Good Food for kids
Kids Games
Water sports

What I don’t like in vacations

Spicy food
Lots of people
No fun
No Colors
No Bed for Kids

I am on vacation having fun
Playing with my sister
Holding water gun

Cracking up jokes
Laughing all the time

Jumping and hopping
Is no crime

Building castles
Splashing the water

Looking at the stars
And counting them

Amazed at the animals
With open mouth

Beautiful flowers and beautiful trees
So artistic is Go I can see

Winter with snow
And snowman

Christmas with red color around
Those tall trees and those lovely birds

I would always be on vacation
Falling in love.

Give me no food
Give me all air

I would stay on vacation
Sitting on this chair

I thank god for all my five senses!

Through which I can enjoy

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