Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Six Facts Every Men should know about stubble

You know it’s the pain to deal with the stubble looks, some do it purposely and some just like that. But do you really know about the facial scruff do to you when you look at mirror every morning?
So let’s go through the joy ride of the stubble you should know:-

1.Time you spent for your stubble
The Average men who removes his stubble clean spends about 140 days removing the stubble in a life time, it’s as per recent stubble survey. So, According to the survey the men’s spend about 3300 hours removing his stubble .That’s a quite good figure compare to girls.

2.Five o clock shadow for you
We all know what the term five o clock shadow. If you don’t know it was originated from some advertisement that says “Goodbye Five o clock”, it means good bye end of the office day. It means stop looking tired with that stubble.

3.Women do not prefer stubble
Now it’s important for you guys, to know that the opposite beautiful gender would not prefer the hairy you, so please be clean and shave it off your face. The stubble men’s are likely to get rejected than others; even I love the notebook guy.

4.Stubble can make your jaw as Square
Sounding funny but its fact that a stubble can do lot of things to your look, no its as per Google doctors. The stubble can the few more minutes to your sleep and add the edge at your jaw.Yeah, I also found it a bit strange that the stubble can create an evolution. It will artificially strengthen your jawline, making you look handsome I guess. It can also result in making you look more aggressive and dominant.

5.Stubble Ban
Do you know stubble had been banned from some work places too? So you can call the stubble is the another trouble men got into. So go guys groom yourself take some time for your looks, we girls do so much for you, take care.

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