Monday, 29 December 2014

Top Ten tips to shave your stubble

Now the question is will you really shave your facial hairs for your girlfriend, mother or sister. Or simply for your friends who are teasing you for being such a loafer. Are you a stubble lover or simply too lazy to chop them off your face? Let’s check how human brain works through eyes, when they look at your stubble!

1.Stubble means Lazy man
There are some good and bad rules to human personality, a person with a dirty shirt and bad language could not be labelled as a perfect gentlemen initially at least.Similarly the stubble can signify a message as lazy. Are you so lazy that you don’t even shave off your stubble? I know you were sitting on sofa eating those popcorns and playing those xbox games.

2.Stubble means Low character
The first look gives the impression like whether the beard is your choice of living life. Since your expressions give you a bad man look. When you have those big hairy faces, the traits people mostly associate are with low character.

3.Stubble means Sad
A guy with stubble gives sad lover kind of look, a lover who was rejected or a lover who had a recent break up.

4.Stubble will spoil your date plans
Have you ever thought that what would happen to your date if you went with those cute stubbles? She will think you were so unhappy for the romantic event!

5.Stubble means you’re are too mature then your age
The most loved compliment you will receive is you too young for your age, maybe I should simplify this idea, it has more like what your man looking like, does he one who takes charge of being kind and gentleman or not.

6.Stubble indicated you are aggressive
The villains in those movies, haven’t you seen there ugly stubbles? What do you think they indicate, I guess a trouble for stubble?

7.Are you so dominant?
At times, the stubble also invites the dominant nature in your genes.

8.Why are you so unclean?
I tell my brother to shave off his facial hairs, as he loves so dirty with it.

9.I am supposing you are unemployed
A Stubble look contributes to Sad agony of life.

10.I don’t want to be judgmental for you.
 We girls never want to be so judgemental for you stubble guys, but we can’t help it

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