Monday, 16 November 2015

Caring for a Baby

If you are the one with babies around the house, then you should definitely know how to care for the baby’ skin?As we all know that baby’s skin are really sensitive and delicate, it needs utmost care from everything around. Everything here means environment, weather, people, clothes, hygiene, sun, and water. We all know that babies need comfort as well as hygiene which indirectly impacts their health. For example, a bad diaper can create rough rashes on baby’s skin, it can further led to skin diseases and hence a baby cry. And that is why it is said that it is important to powder the baby’s private parts and change the diaper at lesser intervals. Especially the wet ones should be removed quickly.

Coming to Clothing, I prefer cotton clothes for babies, as they are the most comfortable clothing for delicate skins. Hard nets, rayon and polyester would help heat and humidity, which in turn will again create rashes. You should also keep in mind that the baby’s clothes should not be very tight as it would create harsh lines on the skin, also impacts blood circulation in the areas like thighs, stomach, and necks. If your baby is under 5 months, do not fashion them with hard hairbands or hard caps. They need comfort everywhere, as they do not understand fashion. Making them wear a shoe is such a good idea, but then the shoe should be soft and comfy; otherwise it would automatically be removed. Do not attempt to make them wear things like hard bangles or bracelets. And a big No for chains around their necks or ankles. They look much better without them.

Some babies love bathing and some loathe them. But it is important to look at the timing of baby bath. It is better to bathe them twice a thrice a week, other times you can just sponge them. Cleaning of the private area with wet tissue wipes is another good option. You must have notice happy babies after a clean private area and a comfy diaper. Check the quality of diapers before you make them wear those. Especially the elastic part, I have some very hard diapers creating lines around the baby’s stomach.

We all need moisturizer. Why leave these small creatures? Their delicate skin becomes dry and flaky. Best time to moisturize is after a bath, it helps locking the moisture for a long time. Make sure you use baby moisturizer.

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Friday, 13 November 2015

5 Most Useful tips for Baby Skin Care

Touch is the language of love. Along with the spoken word, eye contact, body language, the act of touching plays an important role in mediating through tiny neurological receptors in our skin. It allows us to share our emotions and feelings with others. And that is why it is said that kissing, hand holding, hugging are some of the ways we allow our skin to communicate with others. In case of infants, who can’t talk or act according to their feelings, they communicate through their skin, this is also called as tactile touch.  Like, the touch of mother’s hand can be felt by the baby. Let’s have a look as how to take care of the most beautiful feeling call touch through baby’s skin.

1. Block the Sun
Keeping your baby out of the sun as much as possible. When you go out with your baby during day time. Make sure your baby is covered with a cap or a shawl. As UV rays during daytime is too harmful for babies’ skin.

2.Timing of Bath
Doctors say you don’t have to bath your baby fully seven days a week. Full bath ritual should be for 2-3 days a week. Other time, you can sponge the area around diapers.  Strong soap, sturdy sponge and hot water are all wrong for baby’s skin.  As Strong soaps and cleansers degrease the skin making them dry and rash.

 3.Use proper Laundry for your baby’s cloth.
You should be careful with your babies’ laundry, as harsh chemical can be of adverse effects to a baby’s skin. A rash could appear anywhere on the body that is covered by clothing. Make sure the detergents used for baby’s laundry is mild and perfume free.

4. Good Diapers
Using good quality diapers which are soft is important, but it is important to change the diapers often. To take care of the sensitive area, it is good to clean the area gently with disposable wipes like baby Wash cloths. They are also convenient for travel and quite handy.

5. Moisturize

Moisturize your baby frequently, especially during winters. Otherwise, you will notice lot of skin peelings due to dry skin. For best use, pat your child’s skin with moisturizer after  a bath. When buying a cloth for a baby, remember hard cloths are not for babies. Better buy good quality cotton clothes.


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Sunday, 12 July 2015

What’s your secret to freshness?

Jab taaazgi ka chalta hai fataka
Gao tm dhun koi naya
Karlo apni chitya kaliya
Nacho apni dhunki mein

Ghumo jaise tumhara
london thumakda
Ho jao mast magan
apni raho mein

Kyuki Taaazgika chalta hai fataka
Maro balam pichkari
Aur karlo haatho mein duniya saari

Ainvayi Ainvayi jhuuumo gao
Aaya hain naya Colgate Max fresh

Ho jao tum ekdum fresh
Freshness se nacho gao

Chitya kaliya

London thumada

Mast magan

Balam pichkari

Jiya re


Ainvayi Ainvayi 

Jhalla Wallah

Zoobi Doobi 

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Honey I am here

They say you are what you eat, how much do you agree with this statement. Nowadays, where each and everything we eat and drink is chemically treated, I can trust only the curry leaves in my garden area which I feel is chemically free. When my husband is hungry the first thing he wishes for is chicken nuggets, yes the frozen ones. My young brother makes it a point to have pizza and burgers every week.The customized lemonade is another treat for your thirst. Cheese and mayonesse become the eternal part of our diet. 

What is the post effect of the diet? We are obese, less immune, diabetic, thyroid effective, low metabolism, fatigue and almost on the verge of breaking the digestive system into two.So lets talk about including something healthy in your diet, how about honey this time?

Properties of honey
Honey is made up of glucose, fructose, and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium.

Below is a typical honey profile, according to BeeSource:

Fructose: 38.2%
Glucose: 31.3%
Maltose: 7.1%
Sucrose: 1.3%
Water: 17.2%
Higher sugars: 1.5%
Ash: 0.2%
Other/undetermined: 3.2%

What if I tell you to include simple things like Honey in your diet? Do you know what magic can Honey do in your life?

Honey is considered as a treasure chest of hidden nutritional and medicinal value for centuries, yes the sweet golden liquid from the beehive has been used since the early days of Egyptian tombs. Here are the hive health benefits of Honey:-
1. Reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders.
2. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-fungal
3. Reduce cough and throat irritation:
4. Increase athletic performance

All-Natural Energy Drink
Honey can be your excellent source of all natural energy per tablespoon. This is natural unprocessed sugar(fructose and glucose) going directly into your bloodstream and give you quick boost of energy.

Boosts Memory
Honey is loaded in antioxidants that may help prevent cellular damage and loss within the brain. Honey has got the ability to help the body absorb calcium. The brain needs calcium in order to process thought and make decisions. And honey will help you in doing that.

Treats Wounds And Burns
What if I tell you that honey is a natural antibiotic that can help you both internally and externally. Yes, it can be used as a conventional treatment for wounds and burns by disinfecting wounds and sores from bacteria. A 2005 study published in the British Journal of Surgery found all but one of patients who suffered from wounds and leg ulcers showed remarkable improvement after applying a topical application of honey.
Honey has been utilized for its medicinal properties for over 2,000 years and continues its legacy as a multipurpose health aid.

Tips for including Honey in your diet

  1. Replace all sugar with honey
  2. Drink water with honey and lemon in the morning
  3. Include honey for your breakfast
  4. Include honey for your deserts
  5. Add Honey for your beverages

Check out the Honey recipes here

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just on Time

It was my wedding day and I was upset, that day was a match between India and Pakistan, obviously I can’t afford to miss it. I wish I could easily bribe the astrologer but damn I couldn't. God bless the Inventor of Mobile technology and the Inventor of Internet, the combination almost made my day.

I reached the VIP cottage in Dehradun, it was my waiting room and I was almost panting. It was pleasant afternoon and sun rays bounced happily in my room. I told my mom I want to rest before the wedding as I am tired due to exertion. There I removed the magic wand and started the Youtube App, Thinking to myself “Am I really having 3G data plan in my smart phone? “  or “ Is it smart enough to read my mind ?” or “ Or is it reading my mom’s mind?” or “ Now everything is getting into my nerves, why is the YouTube showing me loading sign before I even searched for anything” or “ Is Dehradun a place without network?” My mood was taking a U-turn and I was not feeling like a groom anymore.

It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart.

I looked outside the window everybody was happy and excited. There I saw a teenage guy sitting under the tree and shouting the number “Six- Six”. The groom with the dupatta was odd outside, but I was having no choice, I asked the teenage boy to come in my room. I saw him using UC browser which was too fast, there was no buffering disturbance in the browser. It was working like a smooth butter in my slang language. Watching the match of India v/s Pakistan is a form of happiness for any cricket lover and I heaved a sigh of relief after the non-disturbed cricket on mobile.

 I thanked him for making my day but in return he said “Install the UC browser which will make your life easier and happier”

Yes, the Baraat had arrived now and it is time for to play my role of “Groom” and there I updated my facebook status on UC browser, “Time for another phase of Life”. My status was updated faster than the app.

The Guest welcomed us with the grace of flowers and beating of drums with the magical eruption of music, my mood was totally good as the match was over and who don’t love to see India wining on its wedding day. My heart was beating very fast not because of cricket match now, but it was time to play the real referee in life and the bat is not in hands now.

UC Browser is available for
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UC Browser provides the best cricket service in India including Live Scores & Latest News.
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How to find cricket?
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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Memories with my Father in law

My best memories of life are with my father in law. I first met him when my husband’s family  came at my place to see me.  The day when I was too shy and nervous, and thought it would be a hard day for me. The day when everybody was asking me questions like never before.

When everybody was done, this man in his ironed shirt and short white beard was looking at me in an amusing manner. It was his turn to ask questions, he turned to me with a short pleasant smile and asked “Beta, do you want to ask something?” Being totally nervous I said no. I never expected his wonderful smile and kind of easy communication. He is my father in law now. Better to be called as Father.

He is the one who talks to me like a friend, like a father, like a naughty teen, like a child and at times like an old man. He is superb at nagging, especially when it comes to food. You can’t escape without sharing with him. And if you give him extra piece of chicken then you become his best friend for a day. He bribes you with sweets for extra cup of tea and we have to make sure that mother in law does not know about it. He keeps on asking you irritating questions about his new smart phone. He is smart enough to butter you for those movies on your desktop. He makes sure he fights with you when you are spoiling his towel. He eats like a kid and every time his white t-shirt is spoiled, he gives a smile and says “ food was yummy”. He gives you religious knowledge he has. He also read newspaper for you. The day when you are tired from office, he keeps on repeating his old jokes or shayaris, so that he lightens up our day . He treats his all bahus with tender love and naughtiness. At our home, all the bahus love him and everybody makes sure to bring something for their abba at home.

Listening to his Saudi hotel stories, how he managed things as a manager and stories about his best friend. I never thought of such a beautiful human being as my father in law, we dearly call him Abba. Abba makes sure to get something to eat whenever he goes out for a walk. Today when the time is all about gadgets and technology, a half hour spent with him create good memories. I want to hug him tight and say thank you for making life so easy and crazy with your jokes, sweets, sherbets, talks and your smile!

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Kill the smell!

It was raining outside, but smelling inside
No, it was not the smell of those wet muds.
But the smell of my brother’s socks
It made me feel sick, as I wish I had a stick.

Then came papa with his old towel
I never knew why he uses the oldest towel in the world.
But the smell of towel makes me twirl
When I go to kitchen I hate the stinking smell of leftovers

I hate the hard smell of utensils too.
What if I say I have a dog nose
Can I wish for some rose?
I am happy when fish is for food
But the fish fry odour in the whole house makes no good.

Dadi ma keeps on innovating her old masalas
She makes sure she punishes me with all the pungent smells.
Mom lights the incense sticks especially for me
She knows how to keep me happy.

But the incense sticks does not last so much.
When there is s smell from nearby gutter.
Then my neighbour’s kid comes home.
They fart and pollute it more.

My sister loves her fish tank.
But the fish tank water stinks like a can.
The moisture in the rain helps the room, to keep it wet and stain.
You have wet shoes, wet raincoats and long-time umbrellas to help you out.

The combination of rainy smells and you pout.
Tell me which corner of your room don’t smell.
I smell the rats even in the toilet.
Who eats the odour and who does the spoil?

Bad toilet odour is everyday fight.
Please ask the maid to clean the carpet
It stinks like it came to life so late.
Please don’t fry anything at night

The smell remains in my dreams so bright.
What if I say I m freaking out?
I hate the bad smell every time I smell the rose.
Mom tried everything to remove the smell.

She tried the vinegar overnight.
She tried the roses to cheer me right.
She tried the incense sticks every time.
She tried the camphor lime.
Give me the solution someone
Where I can not only remove the odour, but kill one.

Imagine the world full of fun
Where there is a smell of spring
Where there is a smell of Fresh lavender
Where your nose smells the Blossom breeze.

My home, my room, and my car
I wish for the good smell everywhere

 “I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

Deodorising your room can be funny

Party at Home, but there is so much of smell everywhere. Why does the wet raincoat smelling so bad? I never understood my husband keeping his wet towels and old socks in the cupboard. My dog Diana makes sure that she makes me work after office. And now my mother in law is inviting guests for a party at home. I am feeling terrible, should I laugh or should I cry? Or should I make fun of myself. I am sure, gonna get good taunts from a distant aunt, she hates bad odour she is damn cleanliness freak. Even the curtains can’t be old. I think making fun of myself is an easy part. What do you think is funny when you are Deodorising your room? Let's check out!

Remove the Source
If I can afford to, I would have thrown my dog Diana along with her master out of the home. They are the one who keeps my dodging with smells everywhere. Plus, in Rains diana loves dancing on the couch with her wet hairs, she is more human than we are. In short, she will spoil the carpet and couch and then will sit in the corner like a good girl. When I shout at her, the master(my hubby) comes in to take her side and that’s the game every time.

Vacuum the room
It is so tiring and boring to vacuum the room, although they say life is easy with vacuums, there are some points to consider when you are using  the vacuum cleaner.
Vaccum the carpets, curtains and the upholstery.
Try baking soda into the carpets, give some time to absorb oils and smells and then vacuum it.
Also, make sure to change vacuum bags regularly otherwise the odour will remain in there.

Open the windows
This idea works from centuries, they say fresh air and sunlight helps fights odour. But not now, where there is lot of pollution in the air. The garbage bin smell, the gutter smell, the neighbour’s tadka smell and the adding to it is the flavoured cooking smell. I don’t know what the mixture of the smells will make. Another idea is to turn on the fans of every room you have. Let your room feel AC deprived for some time.

Suspect your husband for smoky smell
I feel this is better idea, look I don’t smoke nor Diana smoke. I can’t even point out my mother and father in law for smoky smell. Neither, I have cooked chicken 65 which require coal smoke, so where the hell the smoky smell came from. I am sure it must be from my husband who is trying to look like an innocent child who ate chocolates.

Use Vinegar
I have read this in the magazine. Keep a bowl of distilled white vinegar in your bad odour room for a night and feel the fresh air in the morning. I haven’t tried it since I thought somebody would drink it up. But they say, it really helps.
  • ·        Remove fridge odour by washing it with soapy water and vinegar
  • ·        Remove the smoky smells from the kitchen table by cleaning it with vinegar.
  • ·        Boil some vinegar in your oven and the smell is gone.

     What if I say you the best solution is to use Ambipur, it does not just cover odours it simply removes them.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Share the load with me

After coming from an office, it becomes really tiring to cook food, clean house, look after the other household chores. I work from morning 9am to evening 6pm, but the duty never ends there. After long hours meeting, sitting in the front of a computer, dealing with various clients and at times doing a lot of overtime, you are at home for  some rest. But there seems to be no rest, you are at home to see that vegetables are over, your husband would like to eat fish for dinner, you mother in law would love to have some sweets for dinner, your kids need chicken sandwich for school tiffin box. You are right in the kitchen in no time after you are done with cooking and serving. You see your husband needs clean clothes for the next day. There is PT Class of your kid; he needs white clothes for that.  I have a very old washing machine, since my mother in law love that machine, we never replaced that. But it is the most time-consuming and hectic machine ever; I would better do the laundry myself. The washing machine has no water pipes, so you have to fill the water manually which is too painful. Then it is not automatic, so the dryer takes another time-consuming task of yours.  In short, doing a laundry is taking another stress toll.

For me, I would love it when my husband would share the load. Maybe he could help me with drying up the clothes, cutting the vegetables or making my kid’s school project. At least, some part of my workload is shared; I would be more than happy. No, I am not saying I do not like it, but I am a human being who gets tired and exhausted working all day. My love and respect for you would grow even more if you share the load with me.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Second Generation Era of Moto E

Once upon a time, Smartphones were just a luxury item, but now they are essential partners. Still, we all remember the time when there was no smartphone era- you can call it the time before we got our first one. Talking about the phones era, let’s talk about Motorola, the first company who invented cellular phones, the flip phones and the really thin feature phone. My dad’s first phone was from Motorola, I use to love the flip phones during that time.

Do you remember what was your age when you got your first smartphone? Try recollecting the year. I got my first smartphone in 2010.During that time, it was considered as a costly mobile device with good features of a smartphone. However later came a smartphone evolution. And now it is Smartphone generation. Motorola is now transforming the mobile industry once again by making quality smartphones with great features available to huge masses.After the successful launch of Moto E, here we welcome the better equation of Second generation of Moto E which has great features at a good price.It is the perfect smartphone for first-time smartphone buyers and savvy smartphone shoppers.

As per the company, their aim is to give you a smartphone which is cost effective but you should not compromise with smart phone quality and experience. I wonder what if we have power to choose what we can have more in our smartphones. Let’s check out what power does Moto E Second Generation gives us?

For a Social Networker
Choose to start sharing more
Do you love hiking and want to share the same with your friends at social networks? What is stopping you to activate your camera? You should capture the moment quickly with just a twist of your wrist with the new moto e Second generation. And there you go share your Hiking pictures on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure your friends do not miss any moments like the sunset, the naughty monkey on the tree and the group selfie hug of your hiking friends.

For the one who loves speed
Choose to connect anyone, anywhere
Do you think 2G is destructing features when come with smartphones? Then look at the new generation of Moto E which will give you 4G LTE or 3G speed. You will fall in love with the speed of your smartphone.

For the one who love colors
Choose to change the mobile bands
Who don’t like matching colors? If given an option, we would always match our accessories or clothing with our mobiles.Moto Bands gives you a variety of colors like Turquoise, Blue, Raspberry.

For one who have battery problem
Choose to start exploring farther
Are you the one in the office who keep asking for charger? Or the one who is looking to buy the power bank. I remember the battery problem my cell phone had, I had to turn off the data connection as my battery would go low when my phone kept on searching network. The one who have a battery problem keeps on looking for electricity socket everywhere. Moto E Second generation has all day battery which helps you play with your smartphone longer without stopping to recharge. It also has water resistant coating which will make your smart phone look all new.

For the one whose camera is not that good
Choose to start seeing more clearly
Being a typical girl, I would urge only on this quality of smart phones. The clearer the picture, the more better for me. There is not a single day when I am without my camera, at times I am only with my camera. I know this can be called as girly features of smartphones. But that don’t need a clear picture. Moto E Second generation comes with 4.5 qHD screen which is sharpest in its class.

For the one who gorge on the processor parts
Choose to start experiencing more
Better the processor, better the smartphone. And that  is why you can choose the Moto E Second generation to enjoy a fast quad core processor and android Lollipop which is the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile OS.

I can't wait to see this generation of moto E in the hands of huge masses, which is fairly priced so that it cannot burn your pockets.At the same time, it can be accessible  to huge crowd who were still waiting for good smartphones at affordable prices.

Are you looking for some more details?

Moto G Second generation is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and oleophobic coating.The internal memory slot is 8GB, 1GB Ram. It is available in two base colors that are Black and White.They are also selling Motorola 3 Pack bands which give you good collection of colors.Check more

So what will you choose to start with Moto E 2nd generation.

This post is exclusively written for Choose to Start with Moto E

Is that what you call as Happiness

Living life for so many years, one thing I have realised that the road of life is exactly what they all said and what it appears to be, yes I mean the same what you feel about life. It’s complicated with too many sharp turns, quirky edges, the difficult bends and the confused bifurcated alleys and the traffic on the road of life is never the way you want it to be.The sooner you accept the reality the easier you will breathe. Life is a roller coaster ride which will go up and down so fast and I hope you are shouting and screaming with your hands in the air. At the same time, your heart is beating too fast, you don’t want to trust the roller coast ride but since you have no option, you have too.

Is that what you call as Happiness? Or you call it as living life.

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like its heaven on earth.” 

I was too tired at work and wanted to rush home and go to sleep.I was reaching home in the hope of a good dinner by mom.

After reaching home, I saw our neighbours were sitting and chatting with mom. There was a kind of happiness and positivity flowing all around the house. As if some magic wand has done some beautiful magic of happiness. All the adults were smiling and laughing like kids. Mom was so engrossed in something, that she did not even notice me. I was too curious to know what it was.

There I saw it was beginning of life, a baby. With the angelic face and giggling smile at almost every stranger in the house. There she was making everybody forgot their life and smile in the joy world of hers. I was not hoping for such a welcome at home, she came running towards me as if she knew me for years. Then I realised she wanted to play with my pink bag. She was too soft to touch and too gentle to hold. Oh Allah, these babies are so delicate human beings. They are the most beautiful creatures you have made; they have no negativity at all.

Her smile and laugh were touching her eyes, she was so eager to play with everybody in the house. No wonder, the whole atmosphere was changed. I did not even realise that I was playing with her. I did not even thought of my hunger. In fact, all I thought was to play and get lost in her world. I guess that is what we are born to. To love and to be happy in the beautiful life given by our creator. This baby had no bounds, she would laugh when she want and cry when she wants. She does not see people as good and bad, but she sees them as only good.

At that time, Holding her in my hands I realised life is such beautiful gift.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Sunset in the Busy roads

They were walking ahead of me, walking hand in hand. There was so much of hustle bustle at the Chowpatty beach. But they were too engrossed in their own. Laughing, chirping and whispering words every now and then into each other’s eyes. As if there is no world around them. Anybody can clearly say that they were in love. My lips too curved into a smile and my world in that instant transformed into happy and colorful one.

I was too tired that evening and thought to take a walk on the beach. Walking near the beach where there is a breeze touching your hairs and silently brushing your face. I saw children’s playing around and thought “childhood is the most beautiful phase of life”. Good thoughts started making me feel good.

Sitting on the sand which felt cold and soft. It was such a relaxed feeling when I removed my shoes and drowned it into the sand. The feeling was unusual and beautiful. And suddenly the sun started saying goodbye to me, it’s been a long time I have seen the sunset. Nature is the most beautiful way to de-stress. The elements of nature are soothing my soul; I guess that’s what is called as Natural therapy. It was late evening till now. So, I left for home.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. -Rabindranath Tagore

Mom welcomed me with her beautiful smile. She is always filled with positivity all the time. She suggested me to have a bath in rock salt water. Bathing is one of my favorite ways to distress, it helps me rejuvenate and makes my body feel fresh and like a scent. After bath, mom gave me Tea (which is my all time beverage to relax).My sister started my favorite music and then the Funny snake dance started. We danced our heart out and were eventually dead tired. But it was fun and the stress bubbles were almost out.Then we buttered mom about how good she was with her hand champi. We used Parachute Hair oil for Hair champi. Mom generally does the hair champi in these different ways.

Mom style De-stressing Hair Champi

  • Heat the Parachute Hair oil
  • Take Cotton balls
  • Comb your hair
  • Dip the cotton into Parachute Hair oil
  • Start portioning the hair
  • Use moms finger for head massage
  • Go to deep relaxation mood
  • You can close your eyes too
  • Thank your mom and go to deep sleep

5 ways in which you can De-stress and #SlowDownZindagi when it all becomes too much to handle

Number 1:  Take a walk at some serene places like Beach or garden
Number 2: Have my mom style De-stressing champi with Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil 
       Number 3: Go play with childrens
      Number 4: Listen to your favorite Music
      Number 5: Do anything that makes you happy.

You tell me What is your favorite way to De- stress? And Win fabulous prizes!
Comment below !

 I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda‘