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Go the Bolt Style

BOLT at Phoenix MarketCity, Kurla

After I got confirmation mail from Blogadda,I visited my nearest mall which is Phoenix MarketCity at Kurla.I was startled at Shiny Red Bolt standing right now in front of me.GET.SET.BOLT Activity with the bunch of marketing guys were helding Contest.In the contest, they were asking some basic questions about the Car features.While i was busy posing with the magic stand alone, the photo came out with Narain KarthiKeyan!

Me with  Narain Karthikeyan
What comes to your mind when you think of buying a Tata Car? My Father in law is a Tata lover and for him it was quite disheartening that Tata motors which is a home-grown product is losing its value in this new competitive market .Today you will see variety of new entrants going more ahead of Tata.

I guess what we all were waiting for Tata to launch a car which is not only affordable but also capable car! My husband said that Design was the one area which Tata was never serious about! Looking at the Tata list of cars from Indica to Aria, they all have same old signature panache of Tata despite having different platforms and details.
Whenever we had a discussion at home of buying a car, my father in law’s first thought was Tata! So when my husband saw launch of Bolt, he loved the mature design of the new Tata baby which gives you variety of features to bring home Tata!

Being the driving enthusiasts, the car would be an obvious hero for the ones who are looking for quality, balanced suspension, light controls and many more things to offer you a comfort ride with your family.

We are a family of four looking for a comfortable hatchback out of which we need good space for me, good interior for my mother in law, the Tata family name for my father in law, and the mechanism for my husband! Here are the some of the key points we choose for buying Tata Bolt

Great Features 

My husband says that the front end of Bolt is similar to Zest, but I liked the signature grilled thing with piano black background .My husband says that the front end of Bolt is similar to Zest, but I liked the signature grilled thing with piano black background .The Projector headlamps which looked smoked were looking lovely and the main use of these headlamps for safety especially during fogs, I remember we were not having the same in our top end model of Swift Desire. The tall look of the car gave us the idea of good ground clearance which will be helpful for us during rains! Now, I am not so much into cars, so my husband is my car Wikipedia. All I could define about cars is through my eyes not my brain. So I stepped into the Car to check out the interiors, it was all black interiors! The cabin space was impressive; there was enough space for three adults in the back. And I liked the headroom too, so that talls could fit in well. While I was looking at the space and the interiors, my husband was busy checking out the steering wheel, he felt the grip was nice and hands up to sizing. Tata has done a good job in painting quality as well.


Tata has provided a hi-tech infotainment system which is exclusively designed by Harman. Harman is the  popular American company which manufactures and markets various high-end audio products such as JBL, Infinity, Becker etc.  Users have to download the free available Harman SmartLink app on their smart phones and link it to the Bolt’s Infotainment. This infotainment system have some really cool features than the usual ones, like voice command recognition making  calls, reading  sms, controlling  air-condition, changing song tracks etc.

Safety features
Tata has taken much care for the safety features in Bolt. Bolt will help you feel secure with its 9th generation ABS by Bosch. It will let you stay in absolute control as you steer through those tricky corners in the mountains and pothole roads. Dual airbags are provided on both fronts. Speed Sensing auto locks on all doors. You can safely drive with your family on city highways too.

The First look at the car would gives you a sporty impression of BOLT. The Tata’s new signature grille with honeycomb mesh is another appealing part. The Rear part of the car looks quite contemporary. The Red glossy paint with the mesh grill and mc wheels and those black interiors combining the foglamp in the centre.

When the Car look good, you have ample of safety features and engine is awesome.Now, every user will look for comfort.When you sit in the sedan you will feel the comfort, the space is quite bigger than usual hatch!You will experience the comfort with its cabin space.The feel of the sporty ambience's with those rugby shoulder seats and the powerful music will give you high level of comfort

Various modes of Bolt

Bolt was having various modes which includes the following
Eco Mode
Let’s press the Eco button to take the engine into its fuel efficient mode. Eco mode will bring benefits which matters like cost conscious budget.

Sport Mode
Sport mode is as the name says; it helps to response more with pedal and engine. A slight touch on the accelerator and you will feel the difference immediately.

City Mode
City mode when one wants a perfect balance for the two!

Me posing with the Bolt Hash tag

Other features like the audio system will make you go in love with this car, as they say you usually find this kind of music system in cars like Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes.

If you are tall, you will feel the most comfort comparing it to the other cars. The Head room is spacious enough to fit you in. The Rear seats can accommodate 3 Adults without any hustle. Even the Front seatbacks have good knee room, so you can spare and sit in the front too. The roof of the car dooms upwards so that you feel the air of the cabin.
The Seats are relaxed. The Back rest recline angle is comfortable. You will also see the adjustable neck restraints at the back.

Her Idea Of Bolt

Few Questions when you ask me about Bolt 

1.What do you think about BOLT interiors?

Well, i loved the dark black interiors which will help my car looking clean all the time. It looks like sporty car instead of the same hatchback interior you see.The Dashboard is in dark brown color , nice combination.The Rear seat folder helps to create more space.So Tata is thinking about  extra guest too.You will find lot of leg room and headroom in the car.

2.What about the specifications of the car?

That's a difficult question for me.My husband can answer you well on this.
1.2 litre(1193cc) in-line four cylinder Revotron Petrol produces a max power of 88.8bhp@5000rpm while a peak torque of 140Nm@1700-4000rpm.
1.3 litre(1248cc) in-line four cylinder quadrajet diesel that produces a max power of 74bhp@4000rpm while a peak torque of 190Nm@1750-3000rpm
His Idea of Bolt

3.Do you know about safety features of BOLT?
Tata had kept the safety features of the BOLT into consideration.When you see safety features both on active and passive fronts.On passive, it had dual  SRS-airbags.Then the generation next Anti-braking lock system.

4.What colors are available?
That's a good question for me, I did emphasize on this one.The Marketing guy said " Colours like Red, White, Silver, Beige and Sky Grey are available.

5.Would you prefer to buy BOLT  this year?
Yes, we would definitely go for BOLT this year.There are many reasons for this family decision.
1.Being a family of five, we need space in our hatchback (Currently our hatchback car is too congested)
2.My father in law always insisted on safety first.In BOLT, we have plenty of safety features.
3.My Husband loved the Infotainment as he is the one who drives.
4.You will be amazed at the music system.The first thing i start in my  car is music.Romantic melodies will match the weather of your long drives.And if your parents are not interested in loud music, simply take off the sound intensity from the music speakers.
5.Sit once and you will feel the comfort.Cabin space will make you go to sleep out of comfort.

Image Courtesy:- Tata Bolt, Team bhp,

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