Monday, 12 January 2015

I am Me-Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

I am working with this company, living in this area, daughter of my proud mother and father, sister of my famous brother and best friend of  XYZ.#UseYourAnd 

Or I am simply  an engineer as they called, however I am a wife of my husband , I am a homemaker who looks after the household chores however I can, but that does not mean I am a good housewife too.Am I really what people think I am ?Or I am more than other’s thoughts diameter !

I am so much more! I have my ANDs then my Ors
Do you know who I am? I am an engineer by  profession  and I love making charity however I can and I am a homemaker and I am a lovely  friend and I am confident tutor and I am a blogger !

We are defined by so many things out of which something matter and some don’t. Let’s see how can we define me?
Your Family: - Are you doctor’s daughter ? Born in poor family or just a middle class struggler. Many times our identity is tied indirectly or directly tied by our family member. how much hard you try Abhishek bachan is always referred as amitabh’s son!

Your Religion: - Living in multicultural country like India, we are so much attached to our religion. And they stereotype us with our religion. People are unaware that there are black sheeps in every religion.

Your Occupation: - This is the first question people ask you nowadays.Are you an engineer? Or a lawyer or a writer. Office is the place where we spend maximum time of the week; hence it gets counted in our identity.

Your friends: - Can you imagine a group of bad boys with one good guy? Again there is big controversy defining good or bad. We are known by the company we roam with.

Are we really so much influenced by these factors? Or we somebody we built in ourselves. We cannot change anybody else views or opinions? But we know ourselves, we are not defined by somebody’s good or somebody’s bad! If anybody says you are only a teacher, does not mean you can be a good housewife? And if you are good teacher and great homemaker, does not mean you are not an excellent human being. There are many factors which masked us; we are happy with all but deep down us lies sorrows and fears. Nobody could ever know how are you? Except you

I am more than what you think!
I can make the world go shrink

I can smile
I can cry
That’s what made me human being

I can be a mother and a professional
I can be your wife and rational

I don’t need your support
All I need is your confidence on me

I am me
Not what all you thought !

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