Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Shifting to Bangalore-Go Quikr!

This one suits me the best I must say, Being in software field, we are posted anywhere in the world. Life is totally new when you are shifted to some new place. New place means unknown people, unknown area, new auto drivers waiting to attack you anytime, new locality, different food, new lanes, surprising water problems and then the adjustment continues.

So when I am posted to Bangalore!

The Foremost and first thing we need at any new place is Rent a house. I will go to Quikr and find the option as Real estate. Selecting the house type as per my requirement is 3BHK with semi furnished. I will try to filter the area nearest to my office location and also suits my budget.Quikr shows images of the apartment, from the images I will get the idea of semi -furnished room. I will contact the seller and try to negotiate the rent amount. I will possibly contact most of the filtered sellers according to my requirements. The first part and the major part of the living in the area is solved, I have to look for many other things too. I hope quikr will help me for that.

I am Television addicted person, so buying the television would be my another work too. Since I am not going to live here forever, I will better go with the second hand television in better working condtion. So here I will go for product type as Television, I will choose price range as per my budget and then go for the company I prefer for televisions. If I get the best price with good working condition I will go for the idiot box.

I have heard that maids in banglore are too costly to afford, She can fool me as I don’t know her language too, so I thought let’s go for washing machine. From Home and Kitchen appliances, I will go washing machine option.I am just wishing I will get the right one from here. As I am never used to buy the Home and kitchen appliances. I will rather contact mom to enquire what should be the requirements for the good washing machine!

Another option from Home and Kitchen appliances, as we need refrigerators for storage of food. Refrigerators are must during summer in Bangalore .I am just hoping I will buy this right from quikr.I will filter the refrigerators for 2 tons and check out the options displayed!
Air Conditions – Don’t kill me for that, but I am air condition addicted person, I would rather for the window acs, as I know they are cheaper and better.

I am also hoping that quikr helps me find some paying guest for my room, I can’t afford to live alone with such a high budget !

Image courtesy:- Quikr,property.mitula.in
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