Monday, 12 January 2015

Things that define me

She is my new friend, but I found her more amusing when I see her creating dependency on others everytime.No wonder, she is a rich girl living in the high end societies of Mumbai. She has never seen a plight of poverty nor has she seen scarcity of any basic needs. She gets it what she wants. She was Samaira!#UseYourAnd

You can call her girl born with silver spoon. She came to our college for passing her time, she never thought that education is important. For her Education is just a passing of time , as she was to bored of watching televisions and travelling countries .She choose diploma in tourism to study. She did her basic education as her parents thought she could at least speak English for the sake of travelling countries. She was chirpy and friendly.

Samaira was a happy girl with no idea of the world. Her aim was to marry a guy out of her parents’ choice that was her idea of living life! Until, one day she saw our other classmate Neha looking very tired! She was flabbergasted to know that the neha worked all night so that she could earn for her family.But Neha was confident enough to face the world.Samaira tried to console her and give her sympathy, but she refused and said,” I do not need anybody's sympathy ,Whatever i am on my own and i am very proud of it ,One day I will be someone whose not just a daughter of my family but somebody who has its own ANDs ” .Samaira had a strange feeling that day and she asked herself how is she ?#UseYourAnd

As she never saw any female member from her family working, samaira went home and asked her mother “ Maa, who are you ?” Her mother replied,” I am your mother,your father’wife “.
Samaira realized that whenever her mother needed something she need to ask her brother or her father for it.Samaira went to her father,” Who are you?” His father very proudly said “ I am Managing director of my company”.That day samaira could not sleep out of the feeling that she is so dependent on everybody else and she is nobody  of her own.Trying to express her thoughts she went to her brother  Rehan.Rehan said “what do you want ? You will get it no matter what “.
Nobody was understanding samaira,from that day onwards she started refusing her pocket money as she thought it was never her own money. She started walking to college.Now she wanted to earn her own money. Samaira knew it that she was more than a daughter of her parents!

After completing her diploma, she started working with Travel agency. Since she par knowledge of travelling , she used her knowledge for her career.That was the first step to her AND!#UseYourAnd

Now she can call her more than just a girl who is dependent on her parents!
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