Friday, 23 January 2015

When I proposed him!

I proposed him in the best way I can, took him to his favourite place and asked him one of his lifetime question?

As a girl, I wanted to be the one who is proposed, yes the proposee . I really wanted to feel that most romantic moment when the love cupid did the right stroke.The feeling of the surprise romantic moment from the one who is in love with you and the love butterflies flying in the stomach, the music angels everywhere in the air. Have I been watching too much of Bollywood? But I still wanted that to happen. The proposal might be the last time you feel the feeling of being in fear, fear of making love decision. I would rather call it as nervous moments for both of us; those would be one of the best nervous moments every human can feel in their lifetime.Yes, i was in the fear of losing love .But then i thought let my love fly the highest and come back to me , if its mine!I know i am too filmy.

He is my best friend with whom I can share all my weakness, my happiness, my sadness, my strengths, my evil deeds, my humbleness and my honesty. He is the one with whom i can spend the rest of my life.

I thought maybe is unknown for his feelings or may be he is too dumb to think about it, but all I knew was He is my life.So lets take the initial step ! No matter, i am a girl.

That day when we went to his favourite place, just to talk. He is a talker, or I can call him chirping monkey of all time. As usual he was talking about his bikes and boy’s stuff.When all of the sudden, I said him “ I love you “.

He was quiet and stumbling upon on my words. Are you still stumbling ?
 And now he is my husband!

That is my love story’s proposal. If you love him or her, propose your love. There will be only two answers to your question, which is yes or no.If yes, then you were made for each other .But if no, there is more to life and someone else is made for you.

You are so close to me
Like my heart beats
You are with me here
I have nothing to fear
To you I belong
And with you I feel strong
You make me what really I m
You make me feel that I can
Nothing in my life is so clear
I hold you close to my heart oh dear!

During our college days we had funny moments of proposals, I still laugh when I think about it ...

Once my junior who was thin fair guy with fat glasses with those thick black frames and always found in library. He came up to me in canteen and he was very scared, as if I would eat him up. He said,” I like you “ ! Loved the daring guy

One of my friend who proposed this pretty girl, she scared him to death by saying “I will complain to principal about it “

From our college group, a girl who was really shy proposed by giving rose to one of the guy she liked, and he said yes. You know they are married now!

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  1. Nicely compiled, Farah! :)
    - Yogesh G

  2. Hi Juliet T, thanks for your comments. I will keep in mind to use the proper language as per dictionary.This is a contest blog post which state the proposal as defined in my blog.
    I don't want to play a debate session in my post hence deleted your comments which is too stereotyped(religion) as your thinking goes on.
    But we can still be friends and you can help me for my blogs :)
    Contact me if we can be friends!
    If not ...May Allah give you all the happiness in the world!

    1. Thank you for your candid reply and sorry for my snarky post before. I was mistaken in assuming your reasons for deleting criticism, but I think a blog post is a great place to have debates and exchanges. Use of language, of course, is not constrained by religion or ethnicity as some of the best writers I have ever read are Kahlil Gibran, Khaled Hosseni and Salman Rushdie. My comment was mainly directed at intolerance to criticism, which unfortunately is far too often demonstrated in the popular expression of a particular religion.

      However, I am quite moved by your offer of friendship and it would be a pleasure to know you better. You can email/gtalk with me at