Monday, 23 March 2015

Second Generation Era of Moto E

Once upon a time, Smartphones were just a luxury item, but now they are essential partners. Still, we all remember the time when there was no smartphone era- you can call it the time before we got our first one. Talking about the phones era, let’s talk about Motorola, the first company who invented cellular phones, the flip phones and the really thin feature phone. My dad’s first phone was from Motorola, I use to love the flip phones during that time.

Do you remember what was your age when you got your first smartphone? Try recollecting the year. I got my first smartphone in 2010.During that time, it was considered as a costly mobile device with good features of a smartphone. However later came a smartphone evolution. And now it is Smartphone generation. Motorola is now transforming the mobile industry once again by making quality smartphones with great features available to huge masses.After the successful launch of Moto E, here we welcome the better equation of Second generation of Moto E which has great features at a good price.It is the perfect smartphone for first-time smartphone buyers and savvy smartphone shoppers.

As per the company, their aim is to give you a smartphone which is cost effective but you should not compromise with smart phone quality and experience. I wonder what if we have power to choose what we can have more in our smartphones. Let’s check out what power does Moto E Second Generation gives us?

For a Social Networker
Choose to start sharing more
Do you love hiking and want to share the same with your friends at social networks? What is stopping you to activate your camera? You should capture the moment quickly with just a twist of your wrist with the new moto e Second generation. And there you go share your Hiking pictures on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure your friends do not miss any moments like the sunset, the naughty monkey on the tree and the group selfie hug of your hiking friends.

For the one who loves speed
Choose to connect anyone, anywhere
Do you think 2G is destructing features when come with smartphones? Then look at the new generation of Moto E which will give you 4G LTE or 3G speed. You will fall in love with the speed of your smartphone.

For the one who love colors
Choose to change the mobile bands
Who don’t like matching colors? If given an option, we would always match our accessories or clothing with our mobiles.Moto Bands gives you a variety of colors like Turquoise, Blue, Raspberry.

For one who have battery problem
Choose to start exploring farther
Are you the one in the office who keep asking for charger? Or the one who is looking to buy the power bank. I remember the battery problem my cell phone had, I had to turn off the data connection as my battery would go low when my phone kept on searching network. The one who have a battery problem keeps on looking for electricity socket everywhere. Moto E Second generation has all day battery which helps you play with your smartphone longer without stopping to recharge. It also has water resistant coating which will make your smart phone look all new.

For the one whose camera is not that good
Choose to start seeing more clearly
Being a typical girl, I would urge only on this quality of smart phones. The clearer the picture, the more better for me. There is not a single day when I am without my camera, at times I am only with my camera. I know this can be called as girly features of smartphones. But that don’t need a clear picture. Moto E Second generation comes with 4.5 qHD screen which is sharpest in its class.

For the one who gorge on the processor parts
Choose to start experiencing more
Better the processor, better the smartphone. And that  is why you can choose the Moto E Second generation to enjoy a fast quad core processor and android Lollipop which is the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile OS.

I can't wait to see this generation of moto E in the hands of huge masses, which is fairly priced so that it cannot burn your pockets.At the same time, it can be accessible  to huge crowd who were still waiting for good smartphones at affordable prices.

Are you looking for some more details?

Moto G Second generation is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and oleophobic coating.The internal memory slot is 8GB, 1GB Ram. It is available in two base colors that are Black and White.They are also selling Motorola 3 Pack bands which give you good collection of colors.Check more

So what will you choose to start with Moto E 2nd generation.

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