Friday, 13 March 2015

Sunset in the Busy roads

They were walking ahead of me, walking hand in hand. There was so much of hustle bustle at the Chowpatty beach. But they were too engrossed in their own. Laughing, chirping and whispering words every now and then into each other’s eyes. As if there is no world around them. Anybody can clearly say that they were in love. My lips too curved into a smile and my world in that instant transformed into happy and colorful one.

I was too tired that evening and thought to take a walk on the beach. Walking near the beach where there is a breeze touching your hairs and silently brushing your face. I saw children’s playing around and thought “childhood is the most beautiful phase of life”. Good thoughts started making me feel good.

Sitting on the sand which felt cold and soft. It was such a relaxed feeling when I removed my shoes and drowned it into the sand. The feeling was unusual and beautiful. And suddenly the sun started saying goodbye to me, it’s been a long time I have seen the sunset. Nature is the most beautiful way to de-stress. The elements of nature are soothing my soul; I guess that’s what is called as Natural therapy. It was late evening till now. So, I left for home.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. -Rabindranath Tagore

Mom welcomed me with her beautiful smile. She is always filled with positivity all the time. She suggested me to have a bath in rock salt water. Bathing is one of my favorite ways to distress, it helps me rejuvenate and makes my body feel fresh and like a scent. After bath, mom gave me Tea (which is my all time beverage to relax).My sister started my favorite music and then the Funny snake dance started. We danced our heart out and were eventually dead tired. But it was fun and the stress bubbles were almost out.Then we buttered mom about how good she was with her hand champi. We used Parachute Hair oil for Hair champi. Mom generally does the hair champi in these different ways.

Mom style De-stressing Hair Champi

  • Heat the Parachute Hair oil
  • Take Cotton balls
  • Comb your hair
  • Dip the cotton into Parachute Hair oil
  • Start portioning the hair
  • Use moms finger for head massage
  • Go to deep relaxation mood
  • You can close your eyes too
  • Thank your mom and go to deep sleep

5 ways in which you can De-stress and #SlowDownZindagi when it all becomes too much to handle

Number 1:  Take a walk at some serene places like Beach or garden
Number 2: Have my mom style De-stressing champi with Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil 
       Number 3: Go play with childrens
      Number 4: Listen to your favorite Music
      Number 5: Do anything that makes you happy.

You tell me What is your favorite way to De- stress? And Win fabulous prizes!
Comment below !

 I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda‘ 


  1. Great pictures! Just looking at them will make a person lose their stress and feel happy!
    Having a champi from mom will take a place in most of our de-stress list.
    My way of de-stressing would be to read a great book in a not too bright room with a cup of coffee. The story should be such that it will make me forget my surroundings and pull me into it's own world. It will make me forget the stress factors in my life and i consider it a form of meditation too. That will be my way of de-stressing!
    All the best for the contest!

    1. Hey Vaishnavie , Yes sometimes picture says thousand positve words

  2. You have compiled the post very well...
    Scenic Beauty and getting in touch with Nature really helps to leave behind our worries..
    I like Silent Mornings a lot, so I often get up early and start my day so as to enjoy the tranquil of the morning. I have mentioned the same in my post..
    Other than that yes playing with kids is a good stress relief, they remind us what happiness is and how to truly smile.
    Music yes, is a universal streas buster for all and it works the same for me.
    Reading random blog posts every once in a while also helps me, its like a escape from ourselves and a visif to a different person's thoughts.

    Thank you for this opportunity, all the best to you too!

    1. Yes Anirudhh, Reading can capture your mind give you a relaxed feeling :)

  3. Massages!! One of the best ways to de-stress!

    1. Massages, you have got my favorite way Saachi

  4. Great Post and good tips. My de-stress mantra is ...
    Take The Stairs - Click Away - De-Clutter - Watch A Tear-Jerker - Head To The Spa

    Do take time to read my post here...

    1. Head to the spa and go de-stress Heena!
      Already had a look at your post :)

  5. One of the best ways to destress is hot oil massage..

    1. Hot oil massage by your sister or mother ummmul ;p

  6. When stress enters in your life then your mind always first left you alone and a powerful negative thought's ring make a circle around you.
    We will rush to those things which gives us peace or keep you in calm.
    My colourful threads always give me peace of mind and directed me towards positive thing and creates a peaceful ring around me.
    Yes, I am talking about embroidery I love to do this as my hobby, my passion and destressing activity.

    My second option to destress the life is capturing birds in my camera. Bird watching and taking pictures of them always my favorite destressing activity.

  7. These are fabulous tips. I usually de-stress by taking a long shower and then curling up in bed with watching a comedy. This is a sure shot way to help me relax and #SlowDownZindagi.