Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Share the load with me

After coming from an office, it becomes really tiring to cook food, clean house, look after the other household chores. I work from morning 9am to evening 6pm, but the duty never ends there. After long hours meeting, sitting in the front of a computer, dealing with various clients and at times doing a lot of overtime, you are at home for  some rest. But there seems to be no rest, you are at home to see that vegetables are over, your husband would like to eat fish for dinner, you mother in law would love to have some sweets for dinner, your kids need chicken sandwich for school tiffin box. You are right in the kitchen in no time after you are done with cooking and serving. You see your husband needs clean clothes for the next day. There is PT Class of your kid; he needs white clothes for that.  I have a very old washing machine, since my mother in law love that machine, we never replaced that. But it is the most time-consuming and hectic machine ever; I would better do the laundry myself. The washing machine has no water pipes, so you have to fill the water manually which is too painful. Then it is not automatic, so the dryer takes another time-consuming task of yours.  In short, doing a laundry is taking another stress toll.

For me, I would love it when my husband would share the load. Maybe he could help me with drying up the clothes, cutting the vegetables or making my kid’s school project. At least, some part of my workload is shared; I would be more than happy. No, I am not saying I do not like it, but I am a human being who gets tired and exhausted working all day. My love and respect for you would grow even more if you share the load with me.

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