Saturday, 20 June 2015

Deodorising your room can be funny

Party at Home, but there is so much of smell everywhere. Why does the wet raincoat smelling so bad? I never understood my husband keeping his wet towels and old socks in the cupboard. My dog Diana makes sure that she makes me work after office. And now my mother in law is inviting guests for a party at home. I am feeling terrible, should I laugh or should I cry? Or should I make fun of myself. I am sure, gonna get good taunts from a distant aunt, she hates bad odour she is damn cleanliness freak. Even the curtains can’t be old. I think making fun of myself is an easy part. What do you think is funny when you are Deodorising your room? Let's check out!

Remove the Source
If I can afford to, I would have thrown my dog Diana along with her master out of the home. They are the one who keeps my dodging with smells everywhere. Plus, in Rains diana loves dancing on the couch with her wet hairs, she is more human than we are. In short, she will spoil the carpet and couch and then will sit in the corner like a good girl. When I shout at her, the master(my hubby) comes in to take her side and that’s the game every time.

Vacuum the room
It is so tiring and boring to vacuum the room, although they say life is easy with vacuums, there are some points to consider when you are using  the vacuum cleaner.
Vaccum the carpets, curtains and the upholstery.
Try baking soda into the carpets, give some time to absorb oils and smells and then vacuum it.
Also, make sure to change vacuum bags regularly otherwise the odour will remain in there.

Open the windows
This idea works from centuries, they say fresh air and sunlight helps fights odour. But not now, where there is lot of pollution in the air. The garbage bin smell, the gutter smell, the neighbour’s tadka smell and the adding to it is the flavoured cooking smell. I don’t know what the mixture of the smells will make. Another idea is to turn on the fans of every room you have. Let your room feel AC deprived for some time.

Suspect your husband for smoky smell
I feel this is better idea, look I don’t smoke nor Diana smoke. I can’t even point out my mother and father in law for smoky smell. Neither, I have cooked chicken 65 which require coal smoke, so where the hell the smoky smell came from. I am sure it must be from my husband who is trying to look like an innocent child who ate chocolates.

Use Vinegar
I have read this in the magazine. Keep a bowl of distilled white vinegar in your bad odour room for a night and feel the fresh air in the morning. I haven’t tried it since I thought somebody would drink it up. But they say, it really helps.
  • ·        Remove fridge odour by washing it with soapy water and vinegar
  • ·        Remove the smoky smells from the kitchen table by cleaning it with vinegar.
  • ·        Boil some vinegar in your oven and the smell is gone.

     What if I say you the best solution is to use Ambipur, it does not just cover odours it simply removes them.

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