Saturday, 20 June 2015

Kill the smell!

It was raining outside, but smelling inside
No, it was not the smell of those wet muds.
But the smell of my brother’s socks
It made me feel sick, as I wish I had a stick.

Then came papa with his old towel
I never knew why he uses the oldest towel in the world.
But the smell of towel makes me twirl
When I go to kitchen I hate the stinking smell of leftovers

I hate the hard smell of utensils too.
What if I say I have a dog nose
Can I wish for some rose?
I am happy when fish is for food
But the fish fry odour in the whole house makes no good.

Dadi ma keeps on innovating her old masalas
She makes sure she punishes me with all the pungent smells.
Mom lights the incense sticks especially for me
She knows how to keep me happy.

But the incense sticks does not last so much.
When there is s smell from nearby gutter.
Then my neighbour’s kid comes home.
They fart and pollute it more.

My sister loves her fish tank.
But the fish tank water stinks like a can.
The moisture in the rain helps the room, to keep it wet and stain.
You have wet shoes, wet raincoats and long-time umbrellas to help you out.

The combination of rainy smells and you pout.
Tell me which corner of your room don’t smell.
I smell the rats even in the toilet.
Who eats the odour and who does the spoil?

Bad toilet odour is everyday fight.
Please ask the maid to clean the carpet
It stinks like it came to life so late.
Please don’t fry anything at night

The smell remains in my dreams so bright.
What if I say I m freaking out?
I hate the bad smell every time I smell the rose.
Mom tried everything to remove the smell.

She tried the vinegar overnight.
She tried the roses to cheer me right.
She tried the incense sticks every time.
She tried the camphor lime.
Give me the solution someone
Where I can not only remove the odour, but kill one.

Imagine the world full of fun
Where there is a smell of spring
Where there is a smell of Fresh lavender
Where your nose smells the Blossom breeze.

My home, my room, and my car
I wish for the good smell everywhere

 “I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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