Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just on Time

It was my wedding day and I was upset, that day was a match between India and Pakistan, obviously I can’t afford to miss it. I wish I could easily bribe the astrologer but damn I couldn't. God bless the Inventor of Mobile technology and the Inventor of Internet, the combination almost made my day.

I reached the VIP cottage in Dehradun, it was my waiting room and I was almost panting. It was pleasant afternoon and sun rays bounced happily in my room. I told my mom I want to rest before the wedding as I am tired due to exertion. There I removed the magic wand and started the Youtube App, Thinking to myself “Am I really having 3G data plan in my smart phone? “  or “ Is it smart enough to read my mind ?” or “ Or is it reading my mom’s mind?” or “ Now everything is getting into my nerves, why is the YouTube showing me loading sign before I even searched for anything” or “ Is Dehradun a place without network?” My mood was taking a U-turn and I was not feeling like a groom anymore.

It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart.

I looked outside the window everybody was happy and excited. There I saw a teenage guy sitting under the tree and shouting the number “Six- Six”. The groom with the dupatta was odd outside, but I was having no choice, I asked the teenage boy to come in my room. I saw him using UC browser which was too fast, there was no buffering disturbance in the browser. It was working like a smooth butter in my slang language. Watching the match of India v/s Pakistan is a form of happiness for any cricket lover and I heaved a sigh of relief after the non-disturbed cricket on mobile.

 I thanked him for making my day but in return he said “Install the UC browser which will make your life easier and happier”

Yes, the Baraat had arrived now and it is time for to play my role of “Groom” and there I updated my facebook status on UC browser, “Time for another phase of Life”. My status was updated faster than the app.

The Guest welcomed us with the grace of flowers and beating of drums with the magical eruption of music, my mood was totally good as the match was over and who don’t love to see India wining on its wedding day. My heart was beating very fast not because of cricket match now, but it was time to play the real referee in life and the bat is not in hands now.

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