Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Masks on Humans

Masks on humans everywhere
This life is really not fair
Not fair for poor and needy
It is all good for greedy

We think not twice to bargain with poor
But we will add more bags in malls and for sure
We think not twice to give charity
But we will spend money on silly things

We mask ourselves everywhere
Somewhere you are Hindu 
Somewhere you are Muslim
Somewhere you are Christian

Tell me Oh Human Who are you?
You cant bear losing lives of Paris or Brusells.
But you can close your eyes for people of Syria and Gaza.
We all are humans first we should remember.

Everybody who is wearing masks.
Masks of being good, but not helpful.
Masks of being honest, but not truthful.

Masks which media wears is the most horrible mask.
As everybody would trust the corrupted information of Media mask.
Remove your mask oh humans, One day you will die and would be asked to remove all your masks.
And that day the creator would surely ask you about your mask.

Travelling to Europe- Austria

Salaam guys,

It's been a long time here, I was so busy working on my blog My Pretty Bride, Hope you are doing good in everything? Life is strange and fast like time, so we should make most of it.

Gastein, Austria

One of my collaborators had asked me to write a very informal post about Travel, and it's about Europe. So let's get started. Europe is the same continent in which Dilwale dulhania le jayege was filmed. Does it sound casual? Travelling to Europe is travelling lot of countries like France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey to name a few. So next time when you say you are travelling to Europe, please be specific. However, as I know travelling these countries is easy to switch i mean the travel distance between some countries like say Germany and Switzerland are 2-3 hours(We measure distance by time), it also depends on how are you travelling,they have a really good transport system. They have Train pass, Swiss pass, Buses and Taxi.

Weißsee, Carinthia, Austria
I really wish i can see Europe for free, Ooops that's a lame dream, although nothing in this world is free. We pay taxes everywhere, I am wondering why we have to pay taxes for food in India, that's off topic. But I think now we should concentrate on Europe, And for this post, it is Austria to be specific.Guys, I am not a travel blogger who is going to give you tips and tricks, they are just amazing to help i know, I am not that professional. But I am a traveller, And i believe we all are travellers in this world, nobody is going to stay here forever.So stop being so emotional and lets travel to Austria. And For your information, Australia and Austria are different, that's for people like me.

Austria is situated in Central Europe and local tourists says it is more beautiful than Switzerland, So if you want to see Beautiful landscapes, Sophisticated rains, Filmy snows, Clear skies and feel the beauty of the creator. You must visit Austria once on your Europe trip. Check out this pictures and imagine yourself feeling the happiness in the midst of these beautiful landscapes.

Lake in Zell Am See, Austria
Another post coming soon, Till then Be Happy!